Wednesday Link-a-thon!

Lots of stuff going this week around the web. ESPN dot com has a given us plenty of Mike Bawris content. Yesterday they posted a couple of interesting items. Basically touting his steady following of NFL-ers who train with him in the off-season to improve explosiveness and quickness. Like we've heard a few times, its not about gaining mass, its about toning that mass to be quick and well as strong. Very good reads.

Bruce Feldman Article
Adam Rittenberg Part 1
Adam Rittenberg Part 2

Also, a cool little video about the Big House from Hulu, posted to mgoblog and now to this site.

Michigan SportsCenter has some videos posted of NCAA Football 09. Sadly, as reported yesterday, I will not be purchasing. The Wii version is, what I hear, really bad. And all I have is a Wii now. If anyone of my loyal readers has a spare Xbox 360 laying around, we gladly accept donations (no tax deductions, sorry).

Former Michigan Wolverine, notorious pot smoker, Mario Manningham has been signed to a 4-year contract with the Super Bowl champion New York Football Giants. Freep story.

More fun stuff to come in the next few days/weeks leading up to August 30. I am working on some stats spreadsheets that can be easily posted here throughout the season. Its a ridiculous ton of work to make it work and look good. So maybe it'll never happen.

Go Blue!

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  1. I found this Michigan football news page that has real time feeds from the Top Wolverine news sites and blogs