Product Rodriguez

According to WVU President Mike Garrison, yes, that Mike Garrison...Rich Rodriguez was very distraught about his choice to leave WVU.

In a story by the Associated Press, Rodriguez was complaining to Garrison the night before his resignation about his blown chance at a national championship (the final game loss to Pitt), and backlash that had added to his motivation to bolt. Part of the AP story...
As part of the $4 million lawsuit the university has filed over a buyout clause in the coach's contract, Garrison testified the two had a tense final meeting Dec. 15 -- one in which the president admits he may have raised his voice and one in which Rodriguez allegedly put his head in his hands and complained about how difficult his choice was.

Garrison also denied in the June proceeding he had misled Rodriguez into signing the contract that was in effect when he quit, disputing assertions he told the coach he didn't believe in and wouldn't enforce buyouts.

Nor did he suggest that if a dispute arose, the parties would probably settle for $2 million, Garrison testified.

He acknowledged, however, he told Rodriguez he might change his position in future contracts, and that he "would like the university to look at other options besides liquidated damages provisions, if they fit the circumstances."

Garrison also revealed he had a testy exchange with sports agent Mike Brown in the summer, before he'd assumed the presidency, in which Brown vowed to "shop, as he put it, Product Rodriguez on the open market."

"Product Rodriguez"???

Also, later in that same story...

Garrison acknowledged he was surprised that Rodriguez had "engaged in meaningful, apparent negotiations" with Michigan the day before and that he had to learn of those talks through the media. He also said it's possible he raised his voice as the conversation became more heated.

"I don't know if I yelled or not, but there was, there was one point in the conversation where I did become aggravated, and it was the point in the conversation when I expressed my strong feelings -- which I maintain today -- that there is great value in coaching at your alma mater, at your home university and in your home state."

I'd like to think that its a simple case of "he said, he said", and that pretty much sounds like what it is. I have no beef with WVU being upset they lost their coach, he was a great coach for them...but there has to be a point where you decide to move on and take the loss. Coaching moves are nothing new in college football. And if WVU wants to become a powerhouse, you're not going to lure top coaching talent to your school by throwing a fit when one of your own decides to take another job.

I'll chalk this up to another WVU-Rodriguez story that really doesn't define anything. Rodriguez is not going to be paying any of the $4 million to West Virginia, and West Virginia is just going to keep crying foul. But I say Rodriguez is much better off out of that program and into a much better situation in Ann Arbor.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    "I'll chalk this up to another WVU-Rodriguez story that really doesn't define anything"

    Are you sure? You are talking about a head coach that was so distraught about the pressure at West Virginia that he decided to coach at Michigan. Now as a Michigan fan, tell if there is less pressure to win national championships in Ann Arbor than in Morgantown. Exactly.

    “Rich Rodriguez was “very distraught” in a private meeting the night before he resigned and accepted the top job at Michigan, complaining about harsh public reaction to a lost shot at a national championship.”

    Hahaha, if only he knew whats in store for him at tradition laden Michigan.

    Rich Rod is a cry baby

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Even if he wasn't as 'distraught' as Garrison claims he was, you have to admit losing that last final game to Pittsburgh aided his decision to leave West Virginia. My point being if he couldn't hack it in West Virginia, how does he expect to in Michigan? We're not talking about Nick Saban here, but we are talking about a man who just doesn't realize the hornets nest he is walking into.
    How couldn't he hack it? He had THE most talented team in the Big East for the last 3 years and yet still managed to lose to unranked South Florida (at home in 2006 and away in 2007), unranked Pittsburgh (at home) and a lower ranked (#7) Louisville. All of which came when West Virginia were ranked in the top 10.
    Let's also not forget his inaugural season at Salem (1988) posted a 2-8 season, his first season at Glenville State in 1990 posted a 1-7-1 season, and at West Virginia in 2001, Rich Rod posted a 3-8 season. Let's just put it this way, its going to be enjoyable watching the Wolverines this year if you're not sporting Maize and Blue.
    Now in this "he said, she said" situation, I would much rather side with the man who did not pack up his things and family and scuttled out in the middle of the night.
    But hey, if your best offensive lineman (Justin Boren) decides to transfer and not just to any school, but to your hated rivals, I think that's a bit telling too.

  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    "Rodriguez is not going to be paying any of the $4 million to West Virginia, and West Virginia is just going to keep crying foul."