Michigans Adds DeQuinta Jones, Recruiting Update

Michigan got another verbal for the 2009 class. This one comes from defensive end DeQuinta Jones out of Bastrop, LA. Not only is he a big guy, 6'2" and 265 lbs., but he is also very quick, running a 40 in 4.7. Rivals has him at three stars, which is pretty average for a player like Jones. But needless to say, having a very good prospect at DE in the 09 class is very good sign for how Rodriguez is recruiting so far.

As this is my first post dedicated to the 09 class, I thought I'd add some commentary about this upcoming class. First of all, the standouts...

Kevin Newsome, who has been reported to be on the fence about his commitment to Michigan. But Rivals.com had this to say yesterday (via mgoblog)...
Newsome has been the focus of widespread speculation that he's going to end up somewhere other than Michigan. After not wanting to talk about recruiting on Saturday and Sunday, he opened up a little bit on Monday. "I'm committed to Michigan," Newsome said. "Me and Bryce McNeal were going around bragging how we're going to beat Randall Carroll, who's going to USC, Cierre Wood, who's going to Notre Dame. We were bragging about things like that." Newsome said he really hit it off with McNeal. "It was great to be around a guy that's going to be a future teammate hopefully," he said. "He's a great guy. Bryce is a good, good guy. He's one of my boys now. We're going to really stay in touch."
Take from that what you will, it could all be smoke-in-mirrors. I'll finally be happy with Newsome when I see him in a winged helmet. He's saying all the right things, things that Michigan fans want to hear...and that's what scares me.

Also mentioned in that article, Bryce McNeal. A standout WR from Minneapolis. So far, Michigan is looking solid in the WR position. McNeal will join Daryl Stonum (08 freshman) next year in what could be one of the best WR tandems since Terrell/Walker.

But for my money, the true standout of the class is DT William Campbell. The 5-star recruit from Detroit will anchor the D-line for maybe the whole time he's at Michigan. We lose the core of the D-line after this year with the departure of Will Johnson and Terrance Taylor. Campbell must step up.

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