Official New Uniform Photo

So, finally...we have an official photo of the authentic 08 uniforms. Compliments of the Free Press. These are pretty much what we thought they'd look like, based on recent leaks and photos. But still, its nice to finally get a good look.

According to the article, Michigan Athletic department chose the design, Rodriguez signed off on it, and the equipment managers travelled to the Adidas factory in Perry, N.Y. to oversee the production.

Via the Freep article...
“We’re celebrating what’s special about the school,” said Mark Clinard, Adidas’ business unit director for football, baseball and motor sports. “The details are what speak to that. As we learned more at very beginning stages of partnership, we were looking at what’s special about Michigan. We put Bo Schembechler’s famous quote ‘Those Who Stay Will Be Champions’ in the hem of the authentic jersey. It’s not just about us just putting a logo on the program. We also have (silicone prints of) the 42 Big Ten championships on the inside of shoulder pad area. We can do everything with the outside of the jersey to uphold the honor and tradition. We’re putting more on the inside.”

Adidas is touting three technological aspects of the jerseys: the ClimaCool fabric system that enhances ventilation in “high heat zones”; the Foromotion cuts, strategically placed seams that remove excess fabric such as when a wide reciever stretches for a ball; and beyond the jersey, players will have the TechFit PowerWeb sleeve for their calves to improve oxygen delivery and increase blood flow.

“With the new Adidas football uniforms, our student athletes will benefit from the quality of the products, and players and fans alike can be proud to wear a jersey that celebrates Michigan football,” U-M athletic director Bill Martin said in a statement.
Pick up the replicas at M-Den starting tomorrow, and the authentics on August 1st.

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  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    The maize stripes on the michigan away uniform LOOK TERRIBLE. Adidas disrespectfully ignores the Michigan tradition of looking old school in an attempt to look flashy so they can sell more uniforms. THEY DONT LOOK LIKE MICHIGAN TO ME> MICHIGAN IS TRADITION!!