Big Ten Media Days

A lot of people talking in Chicago these couple of days in July. The annual Big Ten Media Conference is in full swing on day 2, and while others might be following this event with a little more vigor, we do strive to provide as much coverage of Michigan football as possible.

Day 1 Rodriguez Presser:

Nothing ground breaking in there. Pretty much the expected questions and expected answers. I wasn't in the room, but it sounded like the snake-oil joke hit with a hollow this thing on?

Commentary: It's not that I am against the WV twang in RR voice, I have to admit, its kind of endearing. But it will be nice if it subsides as he spends more time "up north". Its a little tough to take a guy seriously when he has such a non-serious accent. But that's neither really here nor there.

Hopefully this will be the last time we have to hear about WV and that whole fiasco. I appreciate the seriousness of it, and I'm not trying to downplay it, but it is time to move forward. And I think nothing will cure those blues like actual football being played.

Btw...If you're a tOSU player and you didn't receive a preseason award and/or are not on a watch list, please contact me and I will make one up for you. We really should make sure we have all of you covered. In-bread bastards.

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