2008 Michigan Preview: Quarterback

No where else to start our 2008 preview but at the QB position. No matter what kind of offense you run, the QB position is vital. And with a new spread attack being installed, more than ever does Michigan need an experienced player to fill that role.

However, this year will not be kind to Michigan in the QB department. Not only does Michigan not have a returning starter, they don't have a returning back-up. Both Henne and Mallett are gone. And while this blogger thinks Mallett is better off not running this system, a little swagger or confidence would go a long way.

Steven Threet at 2008 Spring Game

Steven Threet will most likely be the starter come August 30th. Nick Sherridan and David Cone will back-up Threet. Another likely, and maybe even more probable starting candidate is freshman Justin Feagin. No matter who the starter is, there will be a gestation period. No one steps into a high-profile starting role at Michigan with ease.

Justin Feagin in HS

So far I like what I've seen of Threet, which isn't much. But this will likely be a one-year deal with whomever gets the eventual starting nod. With a host of very talented recruits coming on board for 09, no one should get too comfy in the huddle.

Threet during 2008 Spring Practice

The primary goal for any QB this year should be just not to F-up. Rely heavily on a talented backfield and fast receivers. The o-line should provide at least decent protection. But with such a fast spread, that should take a lot of responsibility off the line. I wish I could give a better forecast for what to expect from this position, but there's just simply no way to expect anything.

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