Wednesday Link-a-thon! Rich Rod to Pay 4M to WVU

It's Wednesday. That can only mean one thing...Link-A-Thon!

If you have an extra few grand laying around and would like some preferred seating at the Big House come 2010, here's your one-stop-shop. I'd go into further detail, but I don't plan on ever being "preferred" and I doubt many of my loyal readers will be also.

Just announced today, head coach Rich Rodriguez will dish out the full $4M to West Virginia as was stipulated in his most recent contract signed with the University last August. It is not yet clear whether or not this will clear his name in the eyes of WVU, but I would have to believe this is a big moral victory for the Mountaineers. It is also not clear whether or not Michigan will foot the hefty bill or not.

This blogger finds it funny that this news breaks just as the "preferred" seating program goes online. Coincidence?

More on this as details emerge.

The Kevin Grady story is hitting full stride as almost every blog has something to say. Johnny at RBUAS is no different. So far no details have been released as to the punishment. I could see it going either way...either Rodriguez goes public and makes an example of Grady with a very harsh punishment, or it gets swept under the rug and Grady spends some extra "quality time" with Barwis this summer.

Programming note: My projected defensive starters posts will be forthcoming shortly. I know you're on the edge on your seat!

Also, if you notice, MBNation is once again ad free. We were experimenting with Google Adwords for a few weeks to see its impact. Needless to say, until someone comes to my door with a large briefcase or dump truck full of money, we will remain ad free until then.

I don't pretend to be holier than thou and refuse to sell ad space on this site because of a moral me, I'll take the money! I just got tired of looking at ads for Buckeye crap. For some reason Google thinks this is an tOSU blog?!

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