MSU Wrap-up, Looking Ahead

It was a thing of beauty. After throwing almost every deep pass about 6 inches off of Manningham's fingertips, Henne was spot on with his last pass attempt to his favorite target. I had multiple heart attacks on Saturday night. Every time a linebacker missed a tackle and a DB had to come up to make an open field tackle. And every time a pass sailed just past Mario's hands.

Hart and Henne are really banged up...there's no doubt about that. Henne should be okay for the rest of the year, hoping that his line can protect him a little better than they did last week. But the real question is Hart. He's no longer a Heisman candidate. Missing two and half games in a row will do that. But he's still the backbone of this offense. Just him being in the game makes a difference. But its tough to tell if he's just dinged up, or truly hurt enough to miss more time. He limped all night on Saturday. But a bad sprain is a come and go type of injury, it really just depends on how it feels when he wakes up on gameday.

I hate to think that a running game could hurt Michigan so bad. But MSU in the 3rd quarter looked tough. Their line was getting pushes against the Michigan D line like no one has all year. Their zone blocking scheme was getting lineman into our linebackers and making huge gaps for Caulcrick and Ringer.

So, I hate to look ahead, but if Wisconsin plays PJ Hill, and of course OSU will throw as much Wells at us as possible...we'll need to really shore up those run stopping issues we had in the 2nd half. Its not that I think we have run stopping problems, just look at the first half...we had Ringer contained.

But I think that brings up a good point for this week's matchup. Now that Wisconsin lost to Ohio State last week, Michigan can lose to them this week, knock off the buckeyes, and still win the Big Ten title. So does that mean we're looking past Wisconsin?

I really think Michigan will play well in Madison this weekend. Lets face it, Michigan is peaking now. MSU was a rivalry gut-check it always is. OSU has cupcaked their way through the season so far...making sure not to play anyone that might knock them off.

Michigan may or may not be looking ahead to November 17th, but I am. 8 wins in a row will do that to you. Lloyd is going to go out with a prove his doubters wrong once and for all. Anyone have an extra ticket?

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