The Hate

Ohio State fans hate Michigan. HATE! They have millions reasons to hate us. They treat Michigan fans like shit all the time. Its in their blood. Its all they know.

They hate us because:
  1. we don't hate them as much as they hate us.
  2. our stadium is bigger
  3. our stadium is better
  4. our uniforms are better
  5. our fight song is better
  6. our winning percentage is better
  7. we have more all-time wins
  8. we have more Big 10 titles
  9. we have other rivalries that matter to us
  10. we tailgate better
  11. we have better looking co-eds
  12. we care about academics
  13. our most famous coaching moment wasn't punching an opposing player
  14. our current coach isn't an arrogant prick
  15. we don't wear sweater-vests
  16. Tshimanga Biakabutuka
  17. Desmond Howard
  18. Charles Woodson
  19. Braylon Edwards
  20. Tom Brady
There's 20. Its a start.

Its no secret that the differences between Michigan and Ohio State fans are obvious. OSU fans are obnoxious, irritating and downright rude. Natural Light and Old Milwaukee's Best certainly go a long way in helping them maintain the stereotype. Other schools' fans all across the Big 10 know OSU fans are famous for their overreactions. Whether its cheering the alpha-dork dotting the I, sending the toilet-bowl shaped stadium into a drunken tizzy, or absolutely losing it on national TV when you saw your buckeyes get trounced by the Gators last year...

I Its just a damn game. I'd be upset too, of course...but hold back the tears.

The bottom line is, for all the bitterness and hatred toward the Wolverines...Ohio State would be nothing without us. Without Michigan, Ohio State has no rival. Without Michigan, Ohio State has no big wins. Without Michigan, Ohio State has nothing to hang their entire reputation on. I give Sir Teflon credit for recognizing this one his first day on the job. The only thing that matters to Ohio State, is beating Michigan. John Cooper downplayed the rivalry. He tried to convince buckeye fans that Ohio State could stand on its own. So they ran him out of town.

I don't know yet if I'll get tickets to the game this Saturday, but even if I'm there or not, I'll know that win or lose, the Michigan fans will hold themselves to a higher standard than that of their buckeye counterparts. Michigan fans will respect OSU fans and be courteous to them. They won't spit at them, throw beer cans at them, boo their band, or give them the middle-finger salute.

And that right the #1 reason why Ohio State fans can't stand us.

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