Knee Jerk Reactions, So Many Doubts

Many people will say Michigan got caught looking ahead. And I wouldn't argue that. They sure looked like it. In what boils down to a virtually meaningless that the outcome doesn't hurt Michigan's chances at a Big Ten could easily say that Lloyd and the coaches and the players were basically going through the motions.

Defense is where Michigan really struggled. The run defense was almost non-existent. And Tyler Donnovan had all day to throw. And when he didn't throw, he showed off his speed by getting past the Michigan front 7 and getting sometimes 10-25 yards a pop. The lack of tackling ability, being seemingly out of position almost all game, and giving away the side of the field to the out-routes all day are huge issues for this team right now.

It was hard to watch the defense struggle so much. But what was worse was watching the Ryan Mallett plane crash into the side of the mountain over, and over, and over again. His throws were way off all day. Like I said weeks ago, he needs to get that mental clock that goes off when its time to either take the sack or throw it away. Henne, love him or hate him, and I love him...seems to have that down. I know Mallett has a rocket arm, but the key to being a great quarterback is not in the arm, its in the head.

We had no rushing game to speak of at all. None. Minor and Brown might as well stayed home for this one. And the line really let the running game down. I would like to think Jake Long is the best lineman in the country, and he might very well be...but we need a few more of him. The rest of the line sucked this week. The gave the backs no holes to run through and made a shaken Ryan Mallett look worse than we he really is.

Henne played one series, then left the game for good. But what was interesting was he put his pads back on in the second half when Michigan cut the lead to 23-21. I don't know why he did that, because it didn't seem like he was going to come back in. And even though Mallett kept making mistake after mistake, it never seemed for a second like Henne was even in mind. we said, Michigan's goal of winning the Big Ten outright and going to a 4th Rose Bowl in 5 years is still intact. With one game to go or course.

I'd like to say that I am confident, but after last week...there's really no way to tell which Michigan team is going to show up.

To beat Ohio State, a pissed off and defeated Ohio State, we are going to need to get more physical. Our defense must start hitting harder and making people pay. We need to get pressure on Boeckman and stop both Wells'. Not an easy task. But the key to beating Ohio State is to beat up their defensive line and get blockers out onto their linebackers. Say what you will about the buckeyes...they're a great defense. They're big and fast and can hit...hard.

Well, not to worry, we here at MB Nation will analyze every aspect of this game this week and keep you updated daily with info and other rivalry tidbits. One things for sure, there will be no lack of build up for this one.

Btw...I am still in the hunt for two (2) tickets to the game. Hopefully since both teams lost, the price will drop a little.

More to come soon...

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