Blah Blah Ferentz

Okay, lets all just calm down and take a deep breath.

It can be said, and probably should be said, that internet/blogger rumors can sometimes get out of hand. I was damn impressed when MGoBlog forcasted the retirement of Lloyd Carr last week...but predicting Lloyd's retirement isn't exactly going to win any Peabody Awards.

So when I flipped on the ole computer this morning and saw everyone going spastic over UM supposedly offering the head coaching job to Kirk Ferentz, I'll admit, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. But then reason set in, and I thought about it.

Michigan is not the right place for him. Hell, Iowa isn't the right place for him. But never the less, I gave the news its due attention. Jim Carty's article today pretty much sets the tone for this whole chaotic mess.

Plus, lets not forget that LSU's huge loss last week holds the door wide open for Les Miles to bid Louisiana goodbye and say hello to Ann Arbor. And while I still doubt he'll be the next football coach at Michigan, it surely just got a helluva lot easier for both parties to at least start talking.

So who, you might be asking yourself, do I think the next coach will be at the University of Michigan? Lets just say he used to be the head coach at my alma matter Bowling Green State University and his name rhymes with Urban Meyer.

I have no sources and nothing to substantiate my claim. But if I was Bill Martin and my program was starting to flail and I had one shot at a guy who I thought could right the ship...that'd be my guy.

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