The Badgers

Well, this game looked a lot scarier before the season than it does one day away. Odd how things turn out. But regardless, its still a big game...and it must be played. But there are a few things swinging in the favor of the Wolverines.

Such as injuries. PJ Hill is still uncertain. He's be playing with a nagging leg injury for a few weeks now. With the non-existent passing game, that's a big blow to the offense. But where the biggest injuries lie is on defense...most notably the secondary.

And the biggest advantage for Michigan in this game is that the game itself starts at 11AM local time. That's huge. That takes away the usually rowdy Madison crowd. This game at 11AM is a whole different animal than an 8PM starting time.

You would probably imagine most of the team looking past this game to the annual showdown with Ohio State next week. And while I think some players could be doing that, I doubt it will effect this game's outcome too much. It will be a close game, but Michigan should pull away in the 3rd and win by 2 or 3 TDs. Michigan just has too much firepower now to be contained by a young and untested defense like Wisconsin's. Hart is a go, and so is Henne. Both are playing banged up...but so are most players in college football by week 11. That's the way it goes sometimes. But to keep these two seniors off the field would take an act of God. No way Hart or Henne or any other senior is going to miss the last 2 games of the regular season.

Like I said, there may be a little looking ahead in this game, but that may not be such a bad thing. Usually the game leading up the Ohio State matchup is somewhat of a statement for both schools. You want to look sharp so the other guy gets a little worried. Its the nature of competition I suppose. Part of me is glad this game will be a challenge...and we're not going up against Indiana or another conference doormat.

So, as usual, enjoy the game...(try to) drink responsibly and Go Blue!

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