The Day Before

Great, great, great post by Johnny over at RBUAS. What a wonderful writer he is. He could make anyone care about Michigan football. I don't know what he really does for a living, but I just hope he keeps doing this. He doesn't post a lot, but when he does, its usually a homerun. Almost all of the comments for his most recent post simply say "Thank you.". Wow.

And if there was any question what Lloyd Carr means to this school, this team, here's the YouTube video from that post.

Lloyd haters: Go screw yourself.

Don't like it? Start you own blog.

So, Kirk Herbstreit thinks this rivalry is getting out of hand, eh? Kirk, getting out of hand is what a great rivalry is all about. In the 70's, it was called the 10 year war...not the 10 year rivalry. ESPN's College Gameday is partially somewhat responsible for flaming this sort of hatred between these two schools. Having Gameday broadcast live from Ann Arbor or Columbus before this game is like dropping a 55-gallon drum of gasoline onto a firepit.

I love that pic. This isn't knee-jerking hatred...this hatred takes planning and coordination.

Part of me really hates Kirk and his charming all-star QB good looks. He probably married the head cheerleader from high school. And not that there's anything wrong with that, but as a former offensive lineman, I'm just used to viewing QB's as pretty boys...especially QBs that sucked as much as Herbstreit did.

Okay, enough of Herbie.

I was going to give a long and detailed run down and bullet-points of what this game will probably turn out like...but the guys at Michigan Against the World have me covered. A really good post today breaking down the game.

To summarize: Hart and Henne must play for Michigan to win. We must run the ball well and control the line of scrimmage. Use the run to open up the pass. Defense must stop Wells and get pressure on Boeckman. We must not make mistakes on special teams and win the turnover battle.

If we do that we'll win. Its that simple.

So, thats all I have to say. Nothing left to do but wait.

Rest well Maize & Blue Nation. Try to sleep tonight. Gameday starts at 10:00AM on ESPN. Try not to throw things at your TV when Kirk speaks.

Go Hart, Go Henne, Go Manningham, Go Long, Go Crable, Go Lloyd! GO BLUE!

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