2 Schools of Thought

Call it fair and balanced, Hannity and Colmes, glass half full or half empty, ying and yang...whatever. But I thought this week would be a good time to give equal time to both sides of the isle.

Depending probably on how long you've followed this team, what age bracket you're in, what part of the state you live in or grew up in, there are two schools of though to how to view this season of Michigan football.

The glass is half full:

Michigan was down 0-2. The season was over. Henne and Hart and Long all came back to the worst start to a Michigan season ever. Carr sucks and should be fired NOW!!!

But leadership, hard work, and a never give up attitude have given this squad a meaning now. We've won 8 straight games. The Big Ten is down this year, but Michigan isn't. We're winning games that people thought we'd lose. Henne and Hart have showed die-hard Michigan fans what it means to be die-hard. They've played injured, and given fans maybe two of the most courageous efforts ever. Carr has out done his haters by showing up each week with good game plans and steady play-calling. Not to mention the tremendous effort of convincing 115 young men that this season is still worth playing for. How many coaches could do that? Charlie Weis???

Michigan took a pathetic start and turned it into a rallying cry. Michigan fans are proud again. We look forward to games again. Hart may not win the Heisman, but we've grown to love him for his effort and heart. The defense is strong again, the DB's are intercepting passes again, the LB's are flying around the field again and the linemen are getting to the QB.

We have a real shot at beating Wisconsin and OSU and going the Rose Bowl...something unthinkable on Sept. 9th.

Oh, and btw...can't wait for the new additions to the Big House, its going to look awesome, its going to be loud, and will be something that all Michigan fans will be proud of.

The glass is half empty:

Michigan showed us yet again why we love to hate them. They can never put together a full season of victories. We will lose to OSU and lose our bowl game.

The defense can not cover a spread offense, and while the rest of the country adopts it, Michigan will always use a drop-back passer.

Carr sucks. Henne sucks. Hart is fragile and undependable. We have no depth at RB. Manningham gives us terrible effort week-in and week-out. DeBord's play calling is predictable.

And the new Big House looks like crap, they need to leave it alone.
Ahh, feels good to get that off my chest.

First of all, to the glass half empty people out there; you're what keeps Michigan football set in the stone age. Luckily we're starting to weed you out...mostly because you're all so old. Your the type of people (mostly middle-aged alunmi) who go to games, sit in the $$$ seats on the home side, sit on your hands all game and moan about EVERYTHING!

I've only been a fan of the maize and blue for a decade and a half now...so maybe I don't have as much room to talk, but this is my blog and I say what goes around here. So ha!

Just kidding. We're an equal opportunity blog. We accept Michigan fans of all kinds...whether you hate Lloyd Carr or have a bobble-head of him on your desk right now. But one fact that I think the majority of readers will agree on is that Michigan fans are both complacent, and spoiled from years of success. When is the last time we've really suffered a terrible season? Not in my lifetime, thats for sure. I don't think 4 or 5 losses is a disaster. Not when the last loss comes in the form of a bowl game.

But really? How can Michigan fans complain, even now when they have played so well in the past few weeks.

I don't want to seem like a broken record, but its an argument that is easy to make...and for a good reason...just look at Notre Dame...or Nebraska.

Note: I just read this...

UM needs to check itself?

Hmm. First impressions...Sore loser? Maybe.

“I find a lot of the things that they do amusing,” Dantonio said on Monday. “They need to check themselves sometimes. But just remember, pride comes before the fall.”
Them there are fightin' words!

But my thoughts immediately recall after many many plays, MSU players were pushing and shoving Michigan players well after the whistle. So I guess the door swings both ways. I don't remember Dantonio saying that we should all give Michigan a moment of silence after the Appy State loss (he was right though). But if he did say that, then all I can say is what goes around comes around. Use that moment as a rallying cry for next year...whatever. Don't go to your presser and cry about it.

What he should talk about is how is team gave up about 100 penalty yards and totally stopped playing defense midway through the 4th quarter.

Alright, more about Wisconsin later this week. Have a good one and Go Blue!

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