The Best Argument Yet Against Michigan Having A Mascot

Feast your eyes on this.

This is how you beat the SEC.

Northwestern blog Sippin' On Purple:
But wait, where's Willie the Wildcat?

I have never been more ashamed of my school than right now. This is worse than the f*cksaw and almost twice as bad as Chet Haze. Here are the acceptable reasons for Willie the Wildcat not being in the video:
  1. Willie is filming an alternative "Call Me Maybe" video
  2. Willie the Wildcat died of mascot polio. He was 73 in mascot years. (There is still no cure for mascot polio)
  3. Willie the Wildcat died filming an alternative "Call Me Maybe" video. He was 72 in mascot years (it happened a few months ago)
I demand answers, and I demand them now. Because if none of those are the case, that means Northwestern's mascot is not pro-Carly Rae Jepsen, and that, sirs, is blasphemy.

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