Big Ten & Pac-12 Deal Suspended

Via B1G press release:
Statement from Big Ten Conference Commissioner James E. Delany:
“We are disappointed to announce today that the Big Ten Pac-12 strategic collaboration announced jointly in December 2011 unfortunately will not be consummated.  We recently learned from Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott that the complications associated with coordinating a non-conference football schedule for 24 teams across two conferences proved to be too difficult.  Those complications, among other things, included the Pac-12’s nine-game conference schedule and previous non-conference commitments.

“A great effort was made by both conference staffs to create football schedules that would address the variety of complexities, but in the end, we were just not able to do so.

“While everyone at the Big Ten is disappointed by the news, we look forward to continuing the historic partnership that we have with the Pac-12 and to working together on other matters in the future.”
So, with just as much fanfare and pageantry as it had when it was announced, the B1G/Pac-12 deal goes down in a flaming heap of "meh". Well, at least we still get to play Utah (twice), Oregon State and Colorado in 2014-16.

I find it mildly amusing that Delaney sites scheduling complications for all 24 teams in both conferences when Michigan had seemingly no problem filling 4 dates with Pac-12 teams in the three years leading into the scheduled season when the agreement was set to take place.

He also commented that the Pac-12's 9-game conference slate was an issue...which it probably was. So, now that this agreement has died, I'd like to see the B1G make a push to add a 9th conference game – something they planned on starting in 2017 anyway, way back when about a year ago.

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