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  This week: The Opening takes over, Logan Tully-Tillman represents U.S.A, Articles featuring    future targets, Visits

Shirts that '13 class leader Shane Morris made for the Michigan commits to sport this weekend
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The Opening presented by NIKE - Beaverton, OR provides Wall to Wall Coverage about anything and everything that went on last weekend.


-Shane Morris (Team Land Sharks)
Gotta love the fact that Morris always has time for the fans.  Just a class act on and off the field
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Michigan's top commit QB Shane Morris (you all have heard of this guy right?!) started off his week with a few interviews before showing off his talent on the football field.  One of his interviews is just to funny to pass up.  Watch him as he impersonates the head man of "Little Brother", Mark Dantonio.  I told you it was funny!  In a second interview, recruits were asked what what they hear from the fans.  Shane gives you some insight.  The last of the three was more heartfelt and serious showing his more competetive side.  Take a look as ESPN put together a great story on the 2013 signal caller detailing how he wears his emotions on his wrists; literally!  

Morris kicked off his exciting and eventful weekend at The Opening by running a 5.1 40 yard dash on Fri. afternoon.  Morris then took the command of his Land Sharks squad on Satuday, leading them to 2 very impressive 7ON wins (the first a 26 point shutout) to start the day off before running into Laquon Treadwell's squad, who featured top WR Ricky Seals-Jones and top QB Christian Hackenburger (ESPN).  Going 2-1 in pool play was enough to solidify the #1 seed for Sunday's tournament.  Receiving a bye in the first round would make you think this team was a shoe-in for the Championship, especially with a double elimination format.  You, me, and everyone were wrong.  They lost the first game and then came up short against the eventual champions, Team Super Bad.

Although Shane fell short of the 'Ship, he came away very impressive and picked up some much needed experience.  Tom Luginbill was quoted saying Shane was "showing nice patience and ball speed changes" while  Rival's Mike Farrell mentioned that Shane was one of the top 2 best QB's at this event.  CBS sports went as far as listing him as the top QB on the field during Saturday's event.  My impressions are much the same.  He seems to be a top recruit at the QB position and has the quickest release of any other QB in attendence.  The only down fall I could see, if this even is one, is that he was very risky with his throws and would try to fit the ball in small windows when he should've just checked down.  Still, this is something that he can work on improving once he gets to Michigan. (I like this about him, though.  Shows no fear on any throw.) Take a look for yourself.
Highlights against Team Alpha Talon   
Highlights against Alpha Speed 

-Jake Butt (Team Alpha Talon) -'s Kyle Bogenschutz caught up with Jake and got his reaction of the weekend so far (Video and dialogue included). 247 Sports analyst Keith Niebuhr mentioned how "great Jake's hands are and that he has made some big time catches this week."  Butt was named to the All-Tourney Team after showing off his skills and showing everyone why he is such a highly touted tight end.  Jake showed some good shiftiness and I think his main attribute is his route running.  Very, Very Crisp.

-Jourdan Lewis (Field Generals) - Lewis checked in at 5'10" 160 lbs on Friday.  He had a solid weekend and The Field Generals made it to the 7ON championship.  Although they fell short, Lewis played a large part in helping his team fight back from a big deficit.  It seemed that the ball was being thrown away from Lewis' side and the only two passes that even came his way proved why.  He created an INT by tipping a pass over the middle that was eventually intercepted by a teammate and then had an INT of his own late in the 4th quarter to give his team a chance.  Can't the opposition for not looking his way!  He had an exceptional showing which only makes sense that his stock is on the rise as noted by Rival's Mike Farrell. 

He was assigned the #2 jersey for his squad (anybody else seeing some foreshadowing here maybe?) and lived up to the legendary Michigan number by making the All-Tourney Team as well as being crowned the Nike+Skills Challenge Champion.  I hate to toot my own horn but I tweeted to him Saturday afternoon after he got his #2 jersey and told Jourdan that he was due to make some spectacular plays and would live up to the legend, but I did and I was right!! Love being right!  Charles would be so proud!

-Mike McCray (Team Alpha Talon) - I couldn't really find any news or analysis on McCray, which isn't bad but isn't good to see either.  He did participate and from the small sample size that I saw he was pretty consistent in coverage and seems to have the speed to stay with running backs and some receivers when he is called upon.

-David Dawson - Dawson had a tough but effective week.  Numerous reports came out after he mentioned that he was heading down to Gainesville for a visit in a couple weeks.  Reporters started spreading rumors that Dawson was on the verge of a de-commitment because of his interest in seeing Florida's campus and he even went as far as to say that a reporter lied to him.  It got so bad that at one point he posted on twitter saying "I swear I just wanna go home."   I was absolutely appalled by all this.  These reporters will do anything to break or blow up a story and it's just sad if you ask me.  In the end, he was only talking about attending Florida's Camp and it was blown way out of proportion.  We all know Coach Hoke's stance on committed players making other visit's, so, of course Dawson being the bright young man he is, talked it over with the coaches and eventually decided to cancel his trip.  Dawson 1 - Reporters 0.  Keep up the good work ruining these young athletes weekends guys.  Minus all this mess, Dawson did compete and showed everyone why he is the one of the top ranked guards in the country.  Check is out for yourself: Highlights from 1 on 1's

-Taco Charlton

D-line and O-line were sort of over shadowed by the skill positions and the 7ON tournament but they did compete and Taco didn't let anyone down, showing why everyone thinks he has so much potential.  He was by far the quickest rush end in attendance and competed very well against top compeition.  He ended up tied for most wins in 1 on 1's for the week. Not to shabby for a guy who some have heralded as undersized, huh.
Highlights from 1 on 1's

-Kyle Bosch - Bosch didn't have much going on this weekend and ended up leaving early on because of an illness unfortunately.  He still remains one of the top OL in the country. 

Michigan's Main Remaining Targets

-Laquon Treadwell (Team Alpha Speed)
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No need to blink or rub your eyes to make sure you are seeing the above picture correctly.  It's exactly what you think it is: LaQuon Treadwell throwing up the almighty M sign while enjoying a nice swim.  Treadwell provided so many twist and turns and more information than you can imagine that he will receive his own update in a couple days to bring everyone up to speed on his recruitment.  Stay tuned...

Meanwhile 247 Sports Recruiting Director JC Shurburtt had this to say about the stand out wide-out:
Treadwell has impressed for two days and on Saturday, there was no better receiver on throws down the field. He showed the ability to get off the line quickly for a bigger receiver and has a bounce in athleticism with the way he moves. Anything thrown that was a high point ball, a skinny post or a similar route was very good to Treadwell. He has to work on getting back to the ball and getting his arms extended, but his stock is definitely on the rise. Treadwell is uncommitted, but Michigan is the team to beat.
Treadwell was so dominate this weekend that he was even tormenting Jourdan Lewis who was outstanding all week and also made the All-Tourney Team, as stated above.  Seems as though Treadwell may have gotten snubbed by the committee.  He was one of the best receivers all week but may have been playing in the shadow of top WR Ricky Seals-Jones.'s National Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins was quoted via twitter:  "Treadwell is a beast. May be the best WR here, open every play." Tough break for the kid.
Highlights vs. Team Field Generals
More Highlights vs. Team Land Sharks

-Derrick Green (Team Super Bad) - Green had an impressive week.  While not making the top 10 for the SPARQ competition held on Friday, he was up towards the top in most categories (vertical, 40 time, etc.).  He then took to the field and showed off some very nice hands and route running abilities in the 7ON tournament.  After eliminating some very tough teams, he ended the week as a champion.  TomVH of ESPN caught up with the top RB and asked him if he was being recruited by current Michigan commits over the weekend and Green replied, "Yes sir, hard."  He is still a long way away from deciding on his future school but Michigan's name has been in the mix recently with the highly regarded running back yet with only a few spots left, the longer he waits the less the chances for the Wolverines to pull him in.

-Kendall Fuller (Team Super Bad) - Fuller was part of the championship team as well in the 7ON portion of the weekend and look what was on Fuller's head during finals:
Bad news to see the Clemson Paw on one side with something else that won't set well with us maize and blue fans on the other side: A Virginia Tech etching. The chances of Michigan pulling in Fuller have been getting worse and worse ever since the commitment of CB Channing Stribling and this definitely doesn't make things look any better; actually probably worse if you ask me.

-Alvin Bailey (Field Generals)
Brian Fischer of caught up with the Florida prospect who had this to say about the weekend:
 - Seffner (Fla.) wide receiver Alvin Bailey said his dream was to always come to Nike headquarters to rub sneakers with his two idols. They aren't football players, however.“Michael Jordan and LeBron James,” Bailey said. “To be where those guys have been is a dream and great opportunity.”He has received more than 30 offers and added he'll announce his finalists next week. Though he's enjoying his trip to the West Coast, he said he'll likely pick a college in the South.  “I'm a Southern boy,” he said. “I can't get away from that.”
Bailey quietly performed very well this weekend for the runner-up squad.  He showed a great burst of speed and quickness each game and was a tough match-up in the slot.  No surprise there as he projects to be a slot at the next level.

-Leon McQuay III (Team Alpha Talon) - The safety position may have been one of the most talented and deep groups in attendance at the Opening Camp.  It seems as though McQuay may have also been overshadowed a bit due to the talent at the top.  But that doesn't mean he didn't have a great weekend.  I saw in a few places where he was mentioned as "having nice moments" and the game I was able to watch, he showed great athleticism and range, while intercepting a few passes in the game. 

Here are the breakdowns of the top talent for Offense at the opening throughout the weekend. All courtesy of
Day 1
Day 2
Best of the Weekend

Day 1
Day 2

News Outside the Opening
Yes other things happened this weekend, although you wouldn't have known it. 

'13 OL Commit Logan Tully-Tillman took part in 2012 IFAF Under 19 World Championship this weekend representing Team USA.  Although they fell to Team Canada, Tully-Tillman took away Left Tackle MVP and made the All-Tournament Team (Both pictured below).
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Sports Illustrated put together a very nice video and introduction about current Michigan offeree '14 NJ DB Jabril Peppers.  Peppers has Michigan as his early leader.

'14 FL WR Corey Holmes spoke to Scout's Sam Webb about his reaction to getting a Michigan offer and more here.

'14 MI QB Chance Stewart is considered Michigan's top target at quarterback for the '14 class and TomVH of ESPN reported that he has Michigan and Wisconsin on top of his list although he has no offer from the Wolverines (yet).

'14 DE/LB Gelen Robinson, who won most outstanding D-lineman at Michigan camp, although no offer was extended (I see this changing in the near future), was listed as a Top 5 DL performer at this weeks Rival's Underclassmen Challege.  Here's Steve Magargee of with a story of how Gelen chose a different route then current basketball commit and brother Glenn Robinson III.  Also check out what Mr. Robinson himself tweeted out last week...


2013 AZ WR Devon Allen will visit Ann Arbor on July 28th, one day before the annual Big House BBQ (Odd I know).  Allen has some talent and when I first watched his highlights I was very impressed.  He would be a great fall back if Michigan loses out on Treadwell or Bailey.

2014 GA OL Orlando Brown mentioned he will visit Michigan on July 14 via his twitter.  This guy is a monster!  He stands 6'7" 340 lbs and getting him on campus is HUGE!

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