New Stadium Marquee and Redesigned Schembechler Hall Renders

Via UM press release:

Marquee Project
Cost: $2.8 million
Location: Inside Gate 2 of Michigan Stadium (southeast corner)
Dimensions: 27' high by 48' wide; bottom is 21' above grade and reaches 48' (comparison: stadium scoreboard is 62' high by 108' wide)
Programming: Welcome guests to events, promote upcoming events, announce team and individual student-athlete achievements; there are no plans to have paid advertising appear on the boards.
Sound: There will be a row of speakers across the bottom of the board; athletics will follow the U-M Sound Ordinance (10 p.m.)
Schembechler Hall Schematic

Schembechler Hall Renovations
Cost: $9 million
Architecture: Design consistent with the facade of Glick Field House and Yost Ice Arena
Exterior Features: Brick and glass; separate entrances for the public and players/staff
First Floor: Updated exhibit/museum space, Michigan Football Legends area, pro scouts/media interview room
Second Floor: Recruiting lounge, office and additional exhibit space
Read more about the projects here.

On the Schembechler Hall renovation, I love it. It's modern, it's classic. It works. I think the glass atrium will be very cool – likely a public museum area much like the current Schembechaler Hall. The football facility is probably the only athletic building left on State Street in need of sprucing up. I like that it will match the look of Yost and Glick.

On the stadium marquee, I'm not sure I like it. It just doesn't look like it fits, ya know? Maybe the render isn't doing the idea justice. And I'll say I do like the idea of video screens around the stadium, but it should look more like it belongs. Was this really a huge need?

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