LAQUON: Will the "TREAD"ful Wait End "WELL"?!

It's Definitely Looking Good...

Michigan coaches have said all along that bringing in 24-25 recruits this year would be the ceiling.  I have a feeling that it could reach 26-27 with some behind the scenes attrition or a decommitment.  It's just hard to believe that with all this talent still considering Michigan and the amount of time left before signing day that the coaches will turn someone of 4-5 star caliber down.  But over the weekend this one candidate seems to be the next in line to fill one of the remaining slots and join Team 134 and (possible) #1 recruiting class that this staff has been working so hard to put together during this off season (Crazy to believe it's only July and we are worried about having enough spots left; good problem to have if you ask me).

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Let's begin with an insert that was part of my sample piece I submitted in order to seal the deal and become your new recruiting analyst: (VICTORYYY!)
"Laquon Treadwell 6'3" 190 lbs. Crete-Monee HS, IL    Holding offers from almost every major college in the county, Treadwell is a strong, fast, physical receiver coming off an MVP performance at the NFTC in Champaigne, IL.  His interest in Michigan has been strong from the beginning and they seem to be the team to beat early on in his recruitment. He has already made a couple visits to Ann Arbor including a surprise visit for the annual spring game, thanks to some bad weather in Oklahoma (good work mother nature).  Wide receiver is a position of need for the Wolverines and Treadwell more than fills the void.  Here is a recent tweet from Quon himself regarding his decision timeline."
The above was written back in June right after Treadwell showed everyone how dominate of a receiver he can be at the NFTC.  This past weekend he attended NIKE's The Opening, as I'm sure you heard, if not here's some analysis.  But as promised, here's is an update from this past week and the latest in where he stands in the recruiting process.

It all started with this.  Laquon went to twitter and as you can see, he seems ready to end the whole recruiting process and make a decision so he can start to focus on getting better for his upcoming senior season.  He then shortly followed this up with a couple more intriguing tweets:

Crazy right?!  The first of the three can be taken in two different contexts.  At first it seemed Treadwell was about to commit especially after the next tweet, but on the other hand it seemed he was merely talking about who would be QBing his team at The Opening...your guess is as good as mine.  But either way, as I read all this in the beginning, I couldn't help but get excited and make bold predictions that he will commit soon (I mean can you blame me? Who wouldn't?).  Then multiple analyst said they could see it happening as well so of course I thought I was a genius.  Nope!  Thanks for crushing my dreams Mr. Treadwell.   Anyways, these tweets have to give everyone in Maize and Blue Nation a sense of hope and something to get excited about (just not yet).

If this wasn't enough to get your blood boiling then you are just not a true Michigan fan.  But I'll look past that and try a little harder.  Take a look at who Laquon got a chance to talk to at the airport on a connecting flight...As you can see, besides how giddy Sam Webb was (can't blame him though), Treadwell states he has the green light from his mom to make a decision if he is ready, but the only thing really holding him back is getting to see the other schools he is interested in first.  I almost wish he would've been able to make those visits back in May to the Oklahoma school's because if so, he could've made his decision by now and the earlier the better for Michigan chances.  But none the less, can't complain about the kid seeing am actual (spring) game in the Big House and giving the other commits a chance to work their snake oil on him (throwin' it back Rich Rod style).

A couple more reasons to keep your head up (as if you haven't had enough yet). Mike Farrell reported last weekend that Treadwell has said that he is 75% sure that he will pledge to Michigan although he believes the chance is greater.  Farrell did predict that Alex Anazalone would commit to  Notre Shame (make's sense...I'll go with it) so let’s hope he is right on this one too.  On top of this, to further my confidence that Treadwell will be a part of this class, Bud Elliot of SBNation got Laquon to tell us what we all wanted to hear.

All this news has got to excite us Michigan fans about where we stand with arguably one of the top receivers in this class and maybe the best receiver prospect since the '05 class when Mario Manningham was stolen out of Ohio territory.  He would be the icing on the cake to top off this spectacular '13 class and may just be the next best candidate to rock the (almost ghostly now-a-days) #1 jersey.  Now the only question left is who will provide the sprinkles and whipped cream for this class to solidify the #1 spot in the recruiting rankings?  We can only hope to know that answer sooner than later.    

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