Recruitaholics: Don't Forget Your BBQ & Wet Naps

This update: 25 It Is, The BBQ, Offers, and Sayanora Suckas
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What's this?  A second update of the week?  So I decided to be less of a slacker this week; Don't judge me!!

25 It Is

It seems as though the staff will be able to bring in a total 25 recruits for the '13 class as I've been saying for quite some time.  I knew there would be some sort of attrition (ex: Terry Talbot leaving the program) because of the quality talent currently wanting to don the winged helmets in this deep class.  There is a few prospects visiting this weekend vying for one of the final spots.  Who are they you ask?!  Look below.


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The Big House BBQ is something the university has been hosting for quite some time now and it is the event of the year recruiting wise.  Some (outside the UM program) may describe this event as an ambush, but this is Michigan and planning events throughout the year just to get recruits on campus is something that is not necessary.  But like the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," the coaching staff, and players, would have to be senile to not utilize this time to bring together a bunch of top prospects and give them a chance to bond and really end up recruiting each other once the coaches have done their part. 

Here's a list of the Big House BBQ attendees: These are all the confirmed commits and prospects.  Heard a few other may make the trip, but not guaranteed so I didn't include them.  Will update if any more become official.

OL Logan Tully-Tillman
DL Henry Poggi
WR Jaron Dukes
CB Gareon Conley
OL David Dawson
RB Wyatt Shallman
S Dymonte Thomas
TE Jake Butt
CB/WR Jourdan Lewis
OL Kyle Bosch 
OL Chris Fox 
WR C'Sonte York
LB Mike McCray
RB DeVeon Smith

DB Channing Stribling

TE Khalid Hill   
CB Greg Douglas
LS Scott Sypniewski

Future Targets

AZ WR Devon Allen - was just visiting Friday only but changed his mind to attend the all weekend.
GA RB Derrick Green
MI K J.J. McGrath

OH LB Michael Ferns
OH OG Nathaniel Devers
MI OG Tommy Doles
WA DB D'Andre Payne
DB Parker Westphal
DB Montae Nicholson
NY DT Jay Hayes
WI DE Connor Sheehy
Detroit Cass Tech teammates DB Damon Webb, LB Will White (No offer), DB Johnny Miggins (No offer) , and MI LB Deon Drake (No offer)
Teammates FL OG Mason Cole and WR Artavious Scott - No offer
KY QB Drew Barker - No offer  
OK QB Coleman Key - No offer
CB Troy Vincent, Jr. - No offer
WR Austin Roberts - No offer
OH DE/TE Chance Sorrell - No offer; see Devon Allen

A few notes: All but 4 '13 commits will be on hand.  Two notables you may have noticed missing, LaQuon Treadwell and Shane Morris, will not be able to make the visit because they are participating in the Gridiron Kings competition down in Orlando, FL this weekend. Treadwell received an offer Thursday after noon from LSU.  He is so excited about the offer, he had this to say via twitter:
Another turn in the Treadwell Sweepstakes.  This thing has had more turns than when Clark Griswold just could not get left in European Vacation.  "Kids, Treadwell, delaying again."  Still seems like a Michigan lock but with a "Michigan Man" (Les Miles)  running the program down in Baton Rouge, this offer creates a little bit of concern.

RB Derrick Green is not attending Ohio's Friday Night Lights anymore because "Ohio's coaching staff had decided to go in another direction" and plans to spend the entire weekend(!!!) in Ann Arbor along with this parents.  Green has said since day 1 that he has no interest in playing in a spread offense and I have a feeling the Ohio staff didn't take this nicely when he reiterated his need to play in a pro style offense.  Yay! for Michigan switching over, or converting back if you will, to pro-style huh?!  What if in spite of Ohio's refusal of his services, he committed to Michigan and just provided a big screw-you-smack in the face?!  We all get a little carried away sometimes...this is my moment.

As mentioned earlier, the BBQ has really turned into a big, big recruiting weekend, not just day.  Having Hoke and staff there, most of next years recruiting class, and current players, it gives them 3 or 4 different angles in recruiting these future prospects and allows them to make their own unique pitch.  All this more than sets itself up as a perfect atmosphere to make a commitment and I see someone making a pledge this weekend (especially if someone in the '14 class receives a long awaited offer).

I don't see any of the two important remaining '13 prospects in attendance to commit; Derrick Green because he has stated multiple times that he is going to weigh all options and visits before he makes a decision (plus I honestly see him being hard to pull away from SEC country) and not Devon Allen because, well to put it simple enough, Treadwell hasn't committed yet and he has a reserved spot as we all know.  A receiver will have to wait for LaQuon to make a decision before the staff accepts another WR.  Hopefully there will be an Incoming: post this weekend but if not, I'll provide an update in the Recruitaholics update on Monday on how the experience affected different recruits.


'14 OH RB LJ Scott was offered on Wednesday.

'14 NJ ATH Kiy Hester was offered a few weeks ago (this one slipped through the cracks, my apologies).  Hester is an intriguing prospect who could end up playing RB, WR, S, or OLB at the next level.  Gotta love the versatile guys.

Sayonara Suckas

'13 FL DB Vernon Hargreaves III committed to Florida Thursday evening.  Hargreaves considered UM for a little while, but they did not make his top 5.  This is a big get for the Gators and could prove to be the first signature recruit of Will Muschamp's career in Gainesville.

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