Out of the Office

Well kids, things are going to grind to a screeching halt around these parts for the next few days (not like we've been setting any blogging records lately anyway). I am on a plane to the west coast for a long weekend to visit some family in southern California and soak up as much sun and 75 degree weather as possible!

Odds are, Michigan will get a new DC and anywhere from 2 to 5 verbal commitments for the 2009 class while I'm away. In a rather slow time for Michigan football news, leave it to me to be out of town to spur some much needed headlines.

We plan on coming back mid-next week with a flurry of catching-up posts, as well as some looks at whats to come for the 2009 season. A full fledged recruiting post will be forthcoming as well. Have a great weekend and enjoy those record-low temps fellow Michiganders!

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