Dear Ohio State...

Stop losing marquee non-conference games!

I'm not going to lie, even I'm getting tired of seeing you lose to superior teams in prime time on national television. I'm a die hard Michigan fan, so I know how it feels to be not the best team on the field lately. But we're working on it. But even with an odd sense of remorse, I find it embarrassing to see you fail yet again at trying to take on the creme of the crop from other conferences.

I have yet to read much of the fallout from your latest debacle, but I can only guess that most of the national media is going to be pretty sympathetic as you only lost by 3 this time. But you did lose, in epic fashion with less than 30 seconds left. It only seems fitting that the last shot FOX showed before the Colt McCoy TD pass was of your players dancing on the sidelines.

It seems like an eternity since we last beat you. 2003 was a long time ago. And since then, our conference has been somewhat of a punching bag for the national media and fans from around the country. We did the best we could when we beat Florida in the 2008 Capital One Bowl. But you fumbled our hand-off when you collapsed yet again a week later in another BCS Championship game.

It only got worse this season when you scheduled a home and home with USC.



For the love of God, what were you thinking???

Did you not see us (and almost everyone else) get destroyed by them in past few years. They have, potentially, 10 or 11 future NFL players on defense alone.

Play in any number of bowls you like, no big deal. You can't control who you play. But do the conference a favor and stick to Youngstown State and Ohio University from now on with you non-conference schedule.

So here's the deal: Michigan is going to be back. We have a great coaching staff, great young players who are here and on the way. We have a huge stadium remodeling project in progress. Things are looking bright for Michigan. We'll pick back up and be the leaders of the conference once again, and restore order. Your stint as the best team in the Big Ten didn't go so well. So it's time to step aside and watch how the big boys do it.

We're sorry we let it get to this. A brighter future for all of us is right around the corner.

Your Friends in Ann Arbor


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Michigan still has a football team?

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    At least Ohio State's losses have been to Division I schools

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    How bout this... Ohio State will promise to stop crapping the bed against elite teams in big bowl games if Michigan will promise to stop crapping the bed against the likes of Appalachin State and Toledo (TOLEDO for christ's sake!) in that toliet bowl you call a stadium.


  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Seriously? Let's not go there. And don't call yourselves our friends.

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    the entire Big11Ten needs to schedule more good schools like USC. that's about the only way to help the whole division (well that and Tosu winning a bowl game once in awhile)

  6. Anonymous3:13 PM

    who ever wrote this article is full of it. How can u dare talk smack when osu has literally owned u 5 consecutive years. make that six after next year, in blowout fashion. u want to talk about us struggling in big games, well all i have to say is look at both of your latest rose bowls against usc, ur loss to texas, and ur loss to a nebraska team that indiana could have beaten. u guys went 3-9 and have lost to toledo and appalachian state in the last two years. osu's second team would still kill these teams. so my point is until u actually stay within 28 points of us, dont talk smack. have fun with steven threet at qb!

  7. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Buck fans are too easy.

    Settle down and realize that your reading a MICHIGAN BLOG.

    Osu really went out on a limb scheduling usc, congrats. Also scheduled Youngstown State, Troy, and Ohio. Whos got big balls? OSU!!! LOL.

  8. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Well, then again...Troy would have probably beat you by 21 in the Big House and I bet Ohio would have a shot also considering YOU LOST TO TOLEDO.
    Michigan doesnt have room to speak. They cant beat the team that loses all the maquee non-conf. games. heck, you lose non-conf. games against teams that our scout team is better than.

    USC falls in the Horseshoe next year. TP will run all over them...if USC has a weakness (and they barely have any) it's they have consistently had trouble with running qb's. TP ran all over them when he was in against USC in sept. He had like 70 yards and actually made some really nice plays. Also, SC lost their off and def coordinators. that will be an issue for them come spet.