Monday Night Link-a-Thon

It's been some time since we've last posted. After last week's Morgan Trent madness, it's a relief to get back to some semblence of normalcy. My days have been filled with real-life work, so posting has been tough. But rest assured, it's business as usual here at MBN.

• We don't cover much hockey news unless it's a big story. But the blogs and news sites have been going nuts over the news coming out of Yost this weekend as two Michigan State goons have been suspended for the duration of the season for their attack on Steve Kampfer on Saturday night during Michigan's 5-3 win.

Andrew Conboy and Corey Tropp are the players in question, and the video of said event is below.

No question whatsoever that this is just a despicable act. We're very glad to hear that Steve Kampfer was not seriously injured, and is expected to be back.

For all of the best info and links to just about everything you could imagine that is related to this, hit up The Blog that Yost Built.

• Last week ESPN ran a little fluff piece ranking each and every Div-1 (or FBS) school from 1 to 119 in terms of "Prestige". How does ESPN do this? Here. Why? They're bored. I had predicted, rather homerishly that Michigan would be #1. This was based purely on the fact that Michigan holds the best winning percentage all-time. Actually, thats how ranked all 5 top teams. Well, I was way off. Michigan finished #8 overall. And yes, our friends from down south came in at #3 behind Oklahoma at #1 and USC at #2. Big surprise.

• Recruiting is really starting to get down to the wire. As we get there, mgoblog is your place to check out who's in and who's not.

Basically, Michigan has some dire needs in some spots. Sure, everyone knows we need a second QB commit. FL QB Denard Robinson is rumored to be more than interested.

Also not a bad place to get your Michigan recruiting fix is the good folks over at Varsity Blue. Sure, they might have a thing against blogs with "Nation" in their title, but we can admire any blog that goes as far into detail as this one does.

• Via MnB and The Daily Gopher, Minnesota has signed a home-and-home agreement with the Trojans of USC. Sept. 18th, 2010, USC comes to Minneapolis for a Gopher beatdown. And then the next year, they'll host the Gophers for the next 50 point win on Sept. 3, 2011. The only way the Big Ten is going to improve its national image is for our mediocre mid-conference teams to schedule dynamite powerhouse schools like USC.

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