No More Beanie!

For the past three years, Chris "Beanie" Wells has been a thorn, or should I say a stiff-arm in the side of just about everyone he's ever played.

It has been reported that the tOSU junior running back will fore go his senior year and enter the NFL draft, where he will certainly be a first round pick

Not only did I hate playing against him, but pretty much every Big Ten team can second that sentiment. In 3 games against Michigan he compiled 427 yards and 4 touchdowns. But what's really staggering is his averages in each game. In 2006, he was 2nd on the depth-chart to Pittman.

2006 - 11.2
2007 - 5.7
2008 - 8.9

I wonder how amazing Pryor will be without this beast in his backfield? In the Texas game, they looked pretty good without him. With him in the game in the 2nd half, they probably would've won that game. So, I'm sure tOSU will have another super-star to take his place soon, but for now, we're just glad he's gone.

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