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A few topics to address as we all head into the long and dark off-season.

First of all, my earlier post from today "Dear Ohio State" has garnered some great comments from some very brave anonymous Ohio State commenters. Now, first of all, how shocking is it that a Michigan blog has taken the ripe opportunity to poke some fun at our biggest rival's inability to win a game that actually matters.

Yes, I am more than aware that you have beaten us the last 5 years. Strange that I didn't somehow forget that?! Yes, I am also aware that you hung tough with a good Texas team. I watched the whole game. And I will be the first to admit that you impressed a lot of people, including this Michigan fan, by not losing by 21 points.

A couple comments I'd like address before I move on...
Are you an idiot? Ohio State is trying to become a national power by playing some of the top programs in the country during their non-conference schedule every year, see USC and Texas. How about U of M makes it to a bowl game before you guys start talking. Heck, you haven't beat your biggest rival in the past 7 of the past 8 years. Get over yourself.
First of all, I am an idiot. But thats neither here nor there. Ohio State is a national power. They've been one for a long time. I fully understand scheduling powerhouse schools to try and gain some national respect. But in this instance, it backfired because you haven't done so well against them. You knocked off Texas in 2006, which was nice. But they were not the same Texas team that beat you in 2005.

And secondly, I'll talk smack anytime because that's what a rival does. I was more than willing to take the shots we recieved after Appy State and Toledo. That comes with the territory. Since we haven't beaten you in a while, I'll take the shots anyway I can get them.
Shows why Michigan football team is where it is. Stupid and blind fan base. You haven't been "elite" since 1998 so stop your shit talk right now and open your eyes.

3-9...try to rally around that dumbass
I'll simply reply to this by saying that by posting this comment, this particular fan has taken what we call the "high road" and used harsh words and insults to make their point. 3-9 sucks for sure, no arguement there. But I'll do whatever I can to rally behind anything I can get. We Michigan fans aren't prone to calling it quits when the road gets tough. We're scrappy!

Look, I know it sucks to lose big games like tOSU has done recently. I poke fun because I can. When your biggest rival loses...in any fashion, it's a good thing. I'm not a loyal Big Ten fan. I admire Michigan fans who can set aside their hatred for tOSU and cheer for them in a bowl game, I really do. But I'm just not built that way. Much like the fine tOSU fans who have repeatedly made it a point to remind me that we lost to a Div. II school, and Toledo in the last 2 years.

Moving on now.

Former Michigan defensive coordinator Scott Shafer has a new home, his 3rd in 3 years. He has been hired as the DC for the Syracuse Orangemen. This was finalized a few days ago, but we just read it yesterday and wanted to post it up here. Best of luck to Scott and the Orangemen next year.

Still no word on who the next Michigan DC is going to be. Word was that Rodriguez wanted to wait until after the BCS championship to make a move. No idea if thats the case or not, but it was the word on the street.

Also still no word on who's going to be Michigan's 4th non-conference opponent for 2009.

Looking to do a recruiting update sometime soon. I have one in the hopper...just need to finish it. The silent period is over for coaches and recruits, so I assume recruiting madness will ensue shortly. Hang on to your hats.

No big NFL prospects for this Michigan squad (shocking, I know), so not much to look forward to in terms of the draft. Odds are about 20 Buckeyes and 20 Trojans will be drafted. More of the same.

I would love to get a BCS title game preview out sometime before kickoff on Thursday. Not sure how or when that will happen, but it's on my list of things to do.

Other than that, if breaking news breaks, we'll let you know.

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