I Always knew Morgan Trent Sucked

It only took me one senior bowl to finally figure it out.

For 5 years, Morgan Trent has been smoked by better athletes. Wide receivers have lined up against him ever since he started seeing a starting rotation at corner back. And ever since then, they have made him look like a fool.

For 5 years I told myself that he's better than that, that he will make up for it on the next series with a great break-up or INT. But he didn't. Yet I still lived in the Michigan dream world where Morgan Trent was a better player then he really is.

But, he does have speed. He can run down a wide open WR running down the field with the best of them. Maybe that's why he's found himself playing in 2 senior bowls this year. Or, maybe the good folks who pick the players for those games have the same rose colored glasses on that I used to wear.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was the helmet that Morgan wore at the East-West Shrine game last weekend. It was just like his normal winged Michigan helmet that he wore for 5 years. But this one had other schools helmet stickers adorned all over it. This tradition is not too unfamiliar in senior bowls. Players are given the opportunity to do pretty much as they please to their helmets. But what Morgan did was downright wrong.

He had stickers from Florida State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Georgia Tech and Richmond.

Photo via Spawn of MZone

Screwing with the greatest helmet design, and easily the most recognizable symbol of Michigan football is bad enough. But the sticker placed right above the center "Michigan" sticker above the facemask...

Morgan Trent, I loath you.

It takes a special kind of jackass to place a f-ing Buckeye sticker on a Michigan helmet.

May your football career die a horrible tragic death at the hands of one of any of the great receivers you'll see next year in you first, and probably your last year in the NFL.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM


  2. Anonymous12:44 AM

    It only took me several idiotic posts to finally figure it out.

    For 3 years, Maizenbluenation has been smoked by better blogs. Stupid post after stupid post has lined up and come out of it ever since we started seeing a regular posting pattern. And ever since then, they have made themselves look like a fool.

    For 3 years I told myself that it'll be better than what I just read, that it will make up for it on the next series with a great ground breaking thought or photoshop. But itdidn't. Yet I still lived in the blogosphere dream world where its writer was a better thinker than he really is.

    But, they do have a blog. Theu can write down a ripped off idea from another shitty blog with the best of them. Maybe that's why this site found itself as a betus client. Or, maybe the good folks who read this shit have the same rose colored glasses on that I used to wear.

    The straw that broke the camels back for me was the death wish for Morgan because he was having a great time playing a game last weekend. The post was just like the other shitty posts that were written here for 3 years. But this one had death wishes and malicious hate for a guy who has done nothing but play his heart out for the school the writer is a fan of. This tradition is not too unfamiliar in Maizenbluenation history. Players are given the heave-ho and dismissed as crybabieshttp://www.maizenbluenation.com/2009/01/outgoing-dewayne-peace.html as the writers please. But what Morgan did was downright wrong.

    This blog sucks, blows, is bitchy, is hate mongering, and is awful.

    Insulting one of the student athletes for enjoying himself is bad enough. But calling for the guy to be killed?

    Maizenbluenation, I loath you.

    It takes a special kind of jackass to write a f-ing post with that little thought.

    May your blogging career die a horrible tragic deletion at the hands of one of any of the things that cause that. I hope I never see another post from you again.

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

    formerlyanonymous, THAT WAS AWESOME!

    A++++++ comment, would read again. The kind of commenter that brings value to the Interwebs.

  4. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Morgan Trent is awesome! As a former Michigan Alumni I give him props! Michigan is a bitchy school with a bunch of white kids that are rotten spoiled- every blog I've seen that shows a picture of who is writing portrays a white boy that probably could never play football and loves to trash talk. I bet if Morgan could go back in time he would have chosen to play for a better school. Michigan sucks and it has nothing to do with Trent. I loved his helmet- a nice way to see F YOU nicely! IMO.

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    This is probably by far the DUMBEST post I've ever seen. If Trent sucked so bad then why are they inviting him to play at two great bowls?

    All the people that talk crap truly don't know much about football. Scouts don't see what you see they see everything you lack- I think Morgan Trent is a great player with so much potential.

    As far as the helmet is concerned I think its a great idea to adorn your helmet with other schools. If Michigan fans aren't proud of him and wish him death then why are you complaining that he didn't rep the maize and blue? If you hate him so much just leave the kid alone.

    Get over yourselves Michigan.

  6. What comment here is left by the WLA, other than this one?

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM

    "May your football career die a horrible tragic death"

    First off, props to formerlyanonymous.

    Brad, you're a fucking moron. I'm much more embarrassed for the Michigan fan base after reading this garbage blog. Do us all a favor, and...
    a) Become a Buckeye fan, you'll fit in well over there.
    b) Never, ever, EVER share your idiotic opinion again.

    Oh, and Brad, I loath YOU.

  8. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Loath is an adjective meaning "unwilling." It ends with a hard th and rhymes with growth or both.

    Loathe is a verb meaning "to hate intensely." It ends with a soft th like the sound in smooth or breathe.

  9. Anonymous10:35 PM

    First off, let me get this straight: Brad is furious because Morgan Trent is participating in the Senior Bowl and, like every other player in the history of that game has done, adorned his helmet with stickers and decals swapped from other participants he's met and worked with at the camp?

    You could go through every sentence of this post and find something wrong about it. Some examples:

    Trent got 'smoked' for '5 years' at Michigan? Even on the sidelines for his redshirt year?

    Next sentence: 'Wide receivers have lined up against him ever since he started seeing a starting rotation at corner back.' Yeah, that's usually what happens when you play cornerback (no space necessary). Wide receivers line up across from you.

    Brad, get a life. You're giving Michigan (and the entire blogging world) a bad name when you write something this moronic. And for the record, Morgan Trent was a solid if not spectacular cornerback, a multiple year starter who was caught in the difficult Carr/Rodriguez transition and consequently, like all of his teammates, struggled at times this past season, his last at Michigan. He was hardly the second coming of Todd Brooks.

  10. I really think Morgan Trent was just going along with the rest of the guys on his all-star team. They all exchange logos now. I dislike the practice, but it has become sort of tradition now.

    Are we to expect then that the Notre Dame and Michigan kids need to brief the team and say, sorry, I can't "desecrate my holy helmet" with your team's logos?

    I don't think so either.

    Do we also have to mention that the East-West Shrine football game with Trent's picture above, is played for charity?

  11. Anonymous3:39 PM

    ok, i think we all need to take a step back and stop taking the serious pills. is everyone really taking this guy literally and seriously. if brad wants to write a shitty blog, then brad can write a shitty blog. it is His blog. i write shitty blogs all the time, cause it is MY blog. and i dont think brad really gives a shit about what we the commenter's think. yes, i like saying shit and shitty.
    secondly, Trent may not have suck on a grand scale, but i dont think he is as good as what he has always been given credit for. have we all been watching the same games. i nicknamed Trent "toast". i thought it fit, and i was jealous of all the buckasses having nicknames, boom and beanie(it's f-ing chris wells, beanie, the dumbest nickname ever). if i ever have to hear beanie again i will vomit. i dont wish trent or his career death, but i hope we get better corners than he was.
    and lastly, come on. a buckeye sticker on his helmet. and on the front. why doesnt he just flip Michigan the Bird. maybe if he put it on the inside of his helmet it would be ok, or better yet in his jock strap. preferably in the crack of his ass. you know, right down where the cheese factory is. sweet.

  12. He did suck! He was like the scooter vaughn of the football team!

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