Weekend Stuff

A few news-worthy items to take note of over the weekend.

Starting off with former Michigan QB Chad Henne (pictured left, #7). Henne is fighting for the starting job in Miami. The rookie has apparently been wowing the Dolphins coaching staff, and the local media. His first pre-season performance against Tampa Bay last weekend saw average stats, but his poise in the pocket and his ability to run an NFL offense is drawing rave reviews.
The Chad to watch wasn't the veteran on the sidelines, learning and tutoring. It was the impressive rookie on the field. It was Chad Henne, the second-rounder from Michigan who played the second and third quarters, and showed arm strength, poise and moxie.
- Ethan J. Skolnick, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
A young quarterback who looks like he could be something special someday. Maybe even soon. I don't care what Chad Henne's passing numbers were. (They were 5 of 10 for 67 yards.) What mattered more was the poise this rookie exhibited in his NFL debut, such as on a 21-yard strike on third-and-18. And the arm strength evident on a couple of deep-out routes, some good decisions he made and the fact both of Miami's scoring drives in Saturday's 17-6 loss to Tampa Bay were with Henne in the huddle.
- Greg Cote, Miami Herald

Call it beginners luck, call it being well groomed by four years of starting at QB for a major college program. Either way, things are looking good in Miami. Oh yeah, and Jake Long on the line does not hurt at all!

In other news, Michigan place-kicker K.C. Lopata kicked a 56-yard field goal in a scrimmage on Friday. Not sure, but I think that's probably a career-long.

Justin Boren in pregnant. And he's fat. Via MATW.

And finally, wrapping it up with some good news, running back Kevin Grady pleaded guilty to drunk driving. No real details yet on the Michigan end of this story, but on the legal end, he's under probation for 12 months, must to pay $3,290 in fines and spend 3 days in jail or do 24 hours of community service.

Good times.

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