Fall Camp Begins, Many Links, Videos

Rich Rodriguez and Brandon Minor chest bump. Can you see Lloyd doing that???

Freshman RB, Michael Shaw

Presumptive starting QB, Steven Threet.

As everyone knows, camps for every NCAA team began yesterday. MGoBlue has an official posting on their site with some details. The Freep has a one, two as well. Some interesting notes from day one...

- A couple number changes, Feagin is now listed as #3, Carson Butler listed at #5. You can check out the updated roster and depth chart on the links to the right.

- Kevin Grady is back and practicing with the team. Odds are he'll have at least some type of game/half/quarter suspension for his drunk driving incident, according to RR at the presser. So it's not too surprising to see him on the practice field.

- As expected, freshman Justin Feagin, in his first UM practice took some snaps under center. Both Threet and Sheridan did the same, obviously. And even Carlos Brown took a couple snaps as QB, running the option and pitching to the RBs.

- The only player that was not fully participating was Junior Hemingway. He wore a green jersey as he is still healing from a spring injury.

- George Morales. Interesting note, he accepted a full scholarship from Carr just days before his retirement, but is just now listed on the roster. There was speculation as to his status on the team this spring. But now he is listed at the backup long-snapper. Strange.

Somewhere someone posted that senior CB Morgan Trent, who has seemingly been doing a little training in the off-season, posted a 4.13 40-yard dash. 4.13!!! That's hellafast! Not sure if that will get him a little time, or at least a good look at kickoff returns or punt returns, but with that kind of speed, it would be tough not to.

Oh, here it is.

Photo Galleries from day 1: Free Press and DetNews. Those links via Michigan Sports Center.

And, also linked to from MSC, ESPN's Adam Rittenberg posted a few notes from yesterday, as well as interviews with offensive coordinator Calvin Magee (part 1, part 2), and defensive coordinator Scott Shafer (part 1, part 2).

In case you missed it, Mike Hart tore up the Redskins (backup) defense in the first NFL pre-season game Sunday night. He looked really good.

And finally, via MSC (I'm so cheap!), a YouTube video of Lloyd Carr, Red Berenson and Bill Martin discussing their recent diagnosis with Melanoma and their battle against this deadly form of cancer. From the looks of things, they seem to be winning!

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