Thursday Roundup

• Starting us off, the Michigan football team, coaches and friends held a bowling fund-raiser at Colonial Lanes in Ann Arbor, raising more than $15,000 to assist with Brock Mealer's rehabilitation. Brock Mealer is the brother of Michigan lineman Elliot Mealer who's family was involved in a tragic car accident last Christmas Eve.

Elliot's father and girl-friend were killed in the crash and his brother was paralyzed at the waist. Click here for the whole story.

Brock Mealer with his brother Elliot on the right. Photo credit:
"It's such a tragic story, and the way the family has bounced back and how the Michigan family has wrapped their arms around them makes us feel special," U-M coach Rich Rodriguez said.
• Also, starting lineman Cory Zirbel is likely going to out for the entire season with what Rodriguez called a "significant" knee injury.

• Mark Huyge is also going to miss the Utah game, and maybe a couple more with a high ankle sprain.

So in order to add some depth to the O-line, John Ferrara (Jr./So., 6-4, 280) has moved over from the defensive side of the ball.
"We moved him over from defensive line to offensive line because of those injuries and, not only that, because we also think John has a chance to compete for a starting job -- for this year," Rodriguez said. "We wouldn't have moved him if we didn't think it, because he was in the rotation at D-line. In two or three days, he's such a smart guy and competitive guy, we've really been impressed with him."
Sort of makes sense since the we do seem to have the experience and depth that we need on the D-line. And the fact that he may be starting right away could be a good thing, or a bad thing.

• Donovan Warren sat out practice as a precaution yesterday. It seems that he should be back soon and ready to go by 9/30.

• Backup WR Terrance Robinson also has a knee injury that could last a few weeks.

• Finally some good news, Carlos Brown and Brandon Minor are both back and practicing fully again. Both are listed as "fine" and will be on the field next Saturday. Freshman Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw did see reps with the 1st string, and were said to have done very well impressing the coaching staff. Both could see limited action in games.

• We really didn't cover media day very much here...because we're technically not the media. And until a press pass shows up in my mailbox (Bruce Madej, if you're reading this, I'd like a media pass please!), I'll just continue to post what I know and what the "real" media gives me. Stuff like this...

Michigan football media day

• On a side note...well, not really, but just to get this little rant off my chest...I am switching my television from cable to the dish. This is a culmination of a year of unrest with my cable company (not Comcast, but a small regional provider). I am sick of paying an arm and a leg for mediocre service and less than good HD. For what I pay, I should get 50 HD channels and stellar service. But alas, I am giving them the boot and going Dish!

So by going to the dish, I get 55 HD channels. A kickass DVR. And I pay much less per month. Without naming names, this dish company (that has "Dish" in it's name) has an HD-only service option. I chose the "silver" package which has ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, Big Ten, all the locals in HD and FSN well as a bevy of other channels in stunning HD.

Yeah, I may lose my signal in a driving rainstorm, but at least I'll pay less, have a better HD signal. But what do you expect from a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit 22,236 miles away?

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  1. "Freshman Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw did see reps with the 1st string, and were said to have done very well impressing the coaching staff. Both could see limited action in games."

    They're both going to see a LOT of action. Word is, they may be the two guys returning kickoffs, Shaw may start in the slot, and both of them are seen now as capable of pushing Minor and Brown for starting backfield spots as the season progresses. These two are going to get a lot of touches immediately.