Carr, Martin, Berenson Diagnosed with Cancer

Reported yesterday by the Freep, Lloyd Carr, Bill Martin and Red Berenson were all diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. From the article, is sounds like most, if not all three of the men were diagnosed early enough to be able to treat the cancer before it had the chance to spread. Lloyd tell that his wife saw a small spot on his back and urged him to get it looked at. Once diagnosed, Lloyd implored the rest of the athletic staff and fellow coaches to get checked out.

It is not known as to what condition they are all in. This news is just starting to make its way out there, so facts are a little sketchy. As with most serious medical conditions, this is a situation that is understood if kept from the public and dealt with with families and doctors.

I can say with no doubt, all the maize & blue faithful wish all three men the best as they battle this unfortunate diagnosis. Our prayers are with you all.

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