Programming Update

For all of my loyal readers out there...I know there's at least a couple of you, I just wanted to post a rundown of what to expect for the rest of August. I am currently juggling work, life, work around the house, this, and a bunch of other small things as summer starts to turn into fall.

Knowing that my fall weekends will be mostly devoted to watching football and spending as much free-time outside as possible, I know that many things must be done around the house before September hits. However, why should my loyal readers suffer for my laziness?

So, for the next 3 weeks in preparation for the start of the 08 season, here's what to look for:

• Complete previews of all 12 opponents
• More news from summer 2-a-days
• A recruiting update before the season starts and thus ends recruitment talk
• Hopefully a Q&A with some Utah blogger (still efforting as we speak)
• An Ann Arbor "visitors guide" for visiting opponents' fans
• A Bo Schembechler biography DVD give-a-way...more details on that very soon.

And of course, whatever breaking news or other interesting items that happen to cross my desk will find their way on to this page.

If anyone of my fellow Big Ten Bloggers, or any other blogger for a team that Michigan plays this year would be interested in doing a Q&A, let me know. I am on the look out.

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