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So much news is flowing out of Ann Arbor as game week has ascended upon us. First we take a look at one of the new traditions that Rodriquez will start this year...

The Victors Walk.

Michigan Sports Center has up all of the info and a neat little map that shows the route. But basically, in the past, the team used to get dropped off by bus right at the locker room at the stadium. Now, they will still be dropped off by bus...but it will be on the far side of Crisler. And they will talk the 150-200 yards down the sidewalk through the crowd, and the band apparently...into the tunnel and their locker room.

I must say, I echo MSC sentiments, I love it! Not only does it get the players and coaches that much more jacked up by walking through the crowd and into the now huge and imposing Big House, but it also creates more excitement for the fans to witness the players up-close and the whole fanfare of the players walking in past the band playing The Victors.

What great gameday television fodder it will make.

A little gameday run-through was held last Friday at the Big Hosue, including the Victors Walk. Rodriguez held a final scrimmage called the "Beanie Bowl", where a gameday was simulated, as much as it can be with 106,201 empty seats. But the players dressed in the stadium locker room, ran out of the tunnel under the MGoBlue banner and the band was even there to help make it feel as close to gameday as possible.

It marks the first time any of the coaches (except Fred Jackson) or any of the freshman have played in the Big House. It's a pretty cool video. Check it out here.

Also, the leader in sports has a 15 minute interview with Rodriguez. Check it out.

Trying to stay up-to-date with the depth-chart is like trying to figure out the ages of Chinese gymnasts. First off, you can check out the AA News visual depth-chart, or you can view our constantly evolving spreadsheet here. Either way, we've updated ours to match, although I question the AA News publication as they still have Cory Zirbel on the 2-deep chart.

Jim Carty, every Michigan fans most favorite columnist has a brief synopsis of each Big Ten team posted. It's pretty standard stuff. I don't see much use in previewing every team right now. I'd just as rather preview our opponents the week prior to the game, but that's just me. I'm critical of Carty. And whether I should be or not, at this point, I don't care. I just don't really care for the man. But he has access and I don' beit.

And to wrap us up, Block U, the one and only source we like for Utah news and info has a column up about the hype around this year's (and past year's) Utah teams, and whether it is warranted or not. It's lengthy, but worth a click...and there is much more good Utah stuff up there as well.

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