You Stay Classy Columbus

First off, lets all be very very happy that in the past two weeks of absolutely crazy college football wackiness, lets all take a minute to express our relief that Michigan went 2-0 in the past two weeks. We're slowly regaining face after an embarrassing 0-2 start. I won't go out and claim that Michigan has been looking good...they're not. But in their defense, we've had a million small injuries and small discipline cases that have kept many starters off the depth chart. So I guess playing Northwestern and Eastern Michigan has kept us on our winning streak. If we continue this trend against Purdue and Illinois, things won't be going so well.

So lets start off with USC. It was only a matter of in all sports, before the mighty hath fallen. And in Troy, Pete Carroll is human once again. But I can only recall the last time the Trojans lost, they took it out on a poor helpless Michigan team in the Rose Bowl. So expect a rebound for the next few weeks...don't bet against them.

LSU is the class of college football. Although Florida did outplay them for 3 quarters on Saturday night. What a game that was.

I had the great pleasure of being in Columbus last weekend for a wedding. It was a distant family member and the wedding was pretty average size. However, being the truly classless Buckeye fans that they are, they had brought in a flat screen television on a cart and set it up next to the bar in the lobby just outside the formal reception room. Lets just say that once the Buckeyes kicked off against Purdue around 8:15PM, about 75% of the men at the reception were no longer to be found.

The bride and groom, obviously knowing that they had planned a wedding in Columbus on a gameday, and being shunned for it all evening (even the best man lamented them in his toast), should've known that when they wheeled a TV into the wedding and parking it next to the bar would probably take the bulk of the attention away from them, and obviously the neanderthal OSU fans watched, drank and then did the "script Ohio" dance around the lobby every time they got a first down.

Never, ever, ever in my entire life have I been more relieved that my favorite college team is the one that these people hate the most. I love Michigan, but I also know that there is a time and a place for certain behavior.

Mine and my wife's wedding last year took place on the same day as the Michigan-ND game. Our ceremony started at the same time as kick off. We did this because it was the only day we could get the reception hall and the church on the same day in the fall. But I understood that there's a time to be a fan, and then a time to understand that there is a larger purpose in this life. In the famous words of A.C. Slater "In the airport of life, just the baggage." How true. How true.

However, I digress. After the wedding reception ended rather early...we went to a local drinking hole that was close to our hotel, and was chock-full of OSU fans watching the final quarter of their game. We walked in, I in my grey Michigan t-shirt, walked over to a booth sat down, and no one said a word. We got some funny looks, but I didn't care. Buckeye fans don't scare me. We got served and left later without conflict. I did happen to find a Michigan fan sitting at the bar (where else?) as I was walking to the bathroom.

Regardless of how stupid their fans are, OSU is turning out to be one heck of a team. No other team has benefited so much from other teams misfortunes. They've played mediocre teams and have vaulted from 8th to 3rd in two weeks. Not bad. Kent State should provide OSU with a true test this week.

I will say the place did erupt when they showed the USC score. As did most sports bars throughout the country.

Okay, next post we'll discuss my brand new HDTV and of course the upcoming game against the Boilermakers.

Good night and good luck.

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