Minnesota, Bold Predictions

Minnesota is as bad as advertised. Last week we said believe the hype. Michigan looked great. Aside from a few missed tackles and Minnesota getting loose on some runs up the middle, the D shut them down eventually. When the gophers entered the game, they were averaging a ton of points and over 400 ypg. Not anymore.

Henne and Hart were not needed. Neither were most of the other starters, but it was nice to just beat up a team when we needed it. Manningham is the old Manningham again. He's back to his playmaking form from last year.

So with Henne and Hart coming back...and a ton of depth all the sudden both in the backfield and OL...Michigan is poised to run the table in November.

And so, I come to my bold predictions for the rest of the season.
  1. Michigan will roll past MSU and Wisconsin.
  2. Michigan will beat OSU
  3. Michigan will go to another Rose Bowl
  4. Michigan will win the Rose Bowl against Arizona State
  5. Mike Hart will win the Heisman trophy.
Its bold, I know. But this is a turn-around like we've never seen before in Ann Arbor. From the lowest of lows losing to Appy State, to the leadership of Mike Hart putting this team on his shoulders after falling to 0-2. Michigan has shown tremendous character. Ohio State will not intimidate us like they have in the past...not in the Big House.

There are maybe 2 teams that could beat this team right now. We have no spread offenses left on the schedule. That itself is a huge lift for this team down the stretch.

More to come this week. Go Blue!

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