Tighten the Screws

Okay, there are some things that Michigan NEEDS to shore up before jumping back into Big Ten play. First of all, FG kicking. Its just clear that Gingell is not solid enough to be depended on down the stretch. But that brings up a good question: Who is? Either he starts wowing coaches and fans, or its on to the next guy.

Also, we need to find out who wants to return kicks. Steve Breaston is being missed...especially since his first ever NFL TD return last week for the Cardinals. Yeah, we need some more of that.

But, aside from the things that have improved drastically since week 2 (e.g. all around defense and passing), the special teams are really a key factor in games like this one versus EMU.

I really have no doubt Michigan will pull out a win. And with about every ranked team playing another ranked team this week, an impressive knockout win will almost surely secure Michigan a rank in the top 25. And when I say "impressive knockout", that means a 45-7 or something along those lines.

Chad looks to be back at the helm of the offense, where he belongs. But I'd love to see a little Mallett this weekend as well. Maybe the old Mario Manningham will grace us with his presence tomorrow?

Either way, this week I now have the Big Ten Network in my home! WOW Cable has finally decided to bend over and take it for all us idiot football fans. And while I will be out of town this weekend for a wedding, I look forward to watching the DVR-ed version of the game Sunday evening. And of course, Purdue next week.

So, I'm off the land of the Buckeye tomorrow. Thankfully the game is in West Lafayette and not Columbus. Wish me luck. Would if be too tacky to wear a Michigan hockey uniform to a wedding? HA!

Go Blue!

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