Coming Up Roses

No, not the Michigan Wolverines, at least not yet.

And certainly not 6 of the top 13 this past weekend. What a crazy week of upsets. How good does it feel to be an OSU fan or Wisconsin fan this week. You beat lower-class opponents and skyrocket 4 spots in the top 10. Ugh.

With a come from behind win at Northwestern, Michigan showed good resolve and heart. I think Henne played 3 quarters of the game. Sorry, I did not watch the game, only read about it and saw highlights. But as it turns out, I now have the infamous Big Ten Network in my home. And I did on Saturday morning...albeit unknown to me. But I'm not too upset because even if I knew that my channel 87 is now the BTN...I wasn't around at all on Saturday to watch the game anyway.

And what really irks me, is that I won't be around again this weekend when Michigan hosts in-county rival EMU, also on the Big Ten Network. I'll be on the road to Columbus of all God-forsaken places, for a wedding. All I can say is thank the Lord they'll be on the road at Purdue. After living in C-bus for 9 months about 4 years ago, I could not take that town on a home game weekend.

So of course that means two straight weeks of not seeing my boys in Blue. However, EMU, with its 2-3 record, doesn't scare me too much. They did knock off N. Illinois and Howard...which I guess could be impressive. And especially if they beat the same N. Illinois of 4 years ago. But its not. EMU has to be a pretty large underdog this week. Michigan is starting to pull it together. NU and EMU are not at all impressive opponents, and thus the only problem with the is the fact that they are very easy to look past. With Purdue looming next week, that could be possible.

More to come later this week about EMU...I promise.

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