Another Week, Another #1

Ahh, but this week's #1 team is none other than every Michigan fan's favorite, the Buckeyes!

In 3 weeks Ohio State has gone from #8 in the Associated Press Top 25, all the way to #1. I don't have my college football record book in front of me, but I would safely assume it would be one of the fastest vaults in long time...maybe ever.

Any college fan worth his salt would likely ask; Who has OSU beaten to catapult themselves up the polls to quickly? Well, funny you should ask.
  • 9/29 vs. Minnesota to go to #4
  • 10/6 vs. Purdue to go to #3
  • 10/13 vs. Kent State to go to #1
Call me crazy, but are any of those teams any good? Minnesota is the doormat of the Big Ten this year at 0-4 conf. and 1-6 overall. Purdue, which was ranked for a couple week there, is clearly not the Purdue most people thought they were after losing bad to OSU, and they getting their souls crushed by Michigan a week later. And finally we have the jewel of the Mid-American Conference, the 3-4 Kent State Golden Flashes.

While I'll admit that none of those teams had much of a prayer against the Buckeyes, is this really #1 caliber material?

No team has benefited more from a weak schedule at the right time. The top 10 has been toppled like a poorly designed Jenga game. Each week seems to get more and more chaotic.

As a fan, I love it. It makes for great television. And just the SEC alone is like watching a train wreck, but without the guilt of not looking away. To be honest, I like South Carolina right now. I think the head ball coach is doing a great job down there. They have a couple big hurdles left at Tennessee and Florida at home, but none the less.

Its pretty clear that any 1-loss team is not out of the race yet. I really don't see the Buckeye's winning out, nor do I see Boston College (next Thursday night 10/25 at Va. Tech...mark it down). South Florida could run the table. They will have to make sure they don't come down with Michigan State-idis, listening too much to people tell you that you're better than you really are. They have tough games at Rutgers this week, Cincy at home in 3 weeks, and then Louisville 2 weeks after that. But between those 2 games is a possible hiccup at 1-6 Syracuse. You laugh, but that is a definite upset sleeper, just ask Louisville.

Either way, this weekend is a biggie in the Big Ten. MSU travels to Buckeyeland at 3:30PM, and Michigan goes to Champaign to beat up the fighting illini at 8:00PM EDT. Both games on ABC in stunning high definition.

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