Believe the Hype

So I'm taking a huge gulp of the Michigan Kool-Aid this morning on the Minnesota matchup this week. I really like Michigan in this one. Minnesota just plain stinks on defense. I wish there would be a nicer way to put it, because frankly, how can a Big Ten team be so bad? But they are.

And while their offense is averaging around 28 point a game and over 400 yards of total offense, they turn the ball over like crazy...thus putting their defense into awkward situations.

They have big key injuries, mainly in the defensive backfield. I have no clue whether Henne will dress, play or start...but it probably doesn't matter. Michigan has a ruthless November schedule (relatively speaking), so resting some key skill position players could be just what the doctor really.

The spread is somewhere around 23-24...and that might be a bit conservative. Although, there is a 60% chance of rain...cold rain. That could slow down the Michigan pass attack. But...Michigan wins big anyway. Watch the game, have some brews...and get ready for the big game of the day...Penn State's statement game against the buckeyes.

Go Blue!

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