Tight End Jake Butt Tears ACL

It was just about a year ago that another Jake, Jake Ryan tore his ACL in spring practice. Shortly after, backup QB Russell Bellomy tore his ACL. Last September, Drake Johnson tore his ACL. About a month later, Ondre Pipkins tore his ACL. A year earlier, Blake Countess tore his ACL in the season opener against Alabama.

If I'm a Michigan Football player with two intact ACL's, I'm walking very carefully to class these days.

The only upside to this is the fact that Jake Ryan tore his ACL last March and was able to return, albeit in less than his normal form, to the field by mid-October. That was an incredibly fast comeback from an ACL tear, and maybe shouldn't be the timetable we should get used to, but it's worth noting.

How this effects the offense? Well, if Nussmeier values the TE a lot, it will have a big impact. Funchess is, by design a tight end...but he also moonlights as a wide receiver – a pretty good one. This injury could impact that.

AJ Williams, Jordan Paskorz and Khalid Hill will like battle it out this spring for playing time. Incoming freshman Ian Bunting could also be in the mix when he arrives this summer.

Another option, as pointed out by @MaizeBlueNews, could see RB/FB Wyatt Shallman make a transition to the tight end spot given that fullbacks will probably not play a prominent role in the Nussmeier offense and he's already buried on the depth chart there anyway.

UM press release...
Michigan Tight End Jake Butt Out Indefinitely with Torn ACL
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- University of Michigan football rising sophomore tight end Jake Butt (Columbus, Ohio/Pickerington North) is out indefinitely with a torn anterior cruciate ligament suffered in winter conditioning, the team announced today (Thursday, February 13).
Butt finished his freshman campaign with 20 catches for 235 yards and two touchdowns, third on the Wolverines in each category. Butt had a season-best five catches for 85 yards and a touchdown against Ohio State.
"Jake's done a tremendous job since he's been here," said Michigan football head coach Brady Hoke. "He's worked extremely hard and gained a lot of weight to become the complete tight end he wants to be. I think he showed flashes of that towards the end of last season. This is a tough break, but because of his work ethic and attitude, the kind of young man he is, we know he will be back as soon as he can and as strong as ever."
Let's just hope 2014's torn ACL count doesn't rival that of last years'.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Michigan really needs to review its training regimen and find out how so many of their players are tearing their ACL's. It's getting to be ridiculous.

  2. brad - how in the world do you know Shallman is buried on the depth chart? You have absolutely no idea

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Gordon, the depth chart is not shrouded in mystery. There's two FBs (Kerridge/Houma) and four RBs (Green/Smith/Hayes/Johnson) ahead of Shallman. He does have TE experience from HS, so it might work out in his favor if realistic playing time is his goal.

  4. Brad - ohh, the posted depth chart from the season. Again, you really do not have any idea what you are talking about nor insight beyond what is publically available. Trust me. He didn't play TE one single down at Detroit Catholic Central. Trust me. He has been practicing as a HB as well as running with both RB's and FB's through the entire fall. Trust me. My angst in this is people who have no insight with the exception of Sam Webb are writing "inside information" about Michigan Football. My point is not about Shallman but more importantly a fact you throw out about any player and then what he will do or not do when you probably haven't even been to a practice let alone a coache's meeting...

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Gordon, first off, no where in my post did I...nor do I ever claim to have "insider information" when it comes to personnel or player evaluations. I provide commentary. This is a blog...it's what we do. Yes, I do have media-level access to the program so I do have some insight that is further beyond what is publicly available.

    Second, I am talking about the real life depth chart that you see on the field when the game is being played. That's all that matters to me, not the posted depth chart in the weekly release.

    Third, as far as Shallman as a possibility at TE, I was quoting a tweet from Matt Pargoff of Maize & Blue News..which was obvious in the post. During his recruitment, there was a lot talk about possible positions for Shallman, and TE was one of them due to his size and ability.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

  6. No you are dismissed. Blogger quoting bloggers. BTW the depth chart from the fall was for a different Offensive Coordinator. A little insight for you.

    My point is not about where a player may end up because it is purely speculation unless you are Nussmeyer. My point is that you should dig a bit deeper than the posted depth chart (or what other bloggers say)... things change. Saying a redshirted "anyone" is buried and therefore won't see the field is not really putting too much thought into it. There are many cases where redshirted guys are believed to have more potential than those ahead of them (I claim no inside knowledge if this is felt about Shallman and the FB's, just making an example) but still are saved for future opportunity vs. current depth. Heck, maybe there are some defensive players that could move over and do some time this season at this position (like Paskorz did who initially came in as an LB/DE). Investigate and provide something insightful. Ohh, and media-level access is not going to reveal anything - you'll get surface level answers and see the basic parts of practices at best.