Recruitaholics: How Michigan Got It's Guy Part I

Your Commish, Mr. Jabrill Peppers did us all a favor, recording and documenting his entire first visit to Ann Arbor, showing us what it's like to be recruited while on a campus visit.  And it's a series of episodes, not just one (Even betta!!). So not only is Peppers a fined tuned kid with his head on his shoulders and talented oozing out of his ears, he's a key recruiting piece for years to come, giving future recruits an opportunity to see "Why I Choose Michigan".

The first episode begins in the New Jersey Airport as Jabrill and commit/teammate Juwan Bushell-Beatty board a plane to Detroit -- showing excitement -- "It's Michigan, Man!".  The recruiting started right off the bat after arriving at Detroit Metro, as the rental car associate expressed her dislike of Ohio St.  Good Work. Jabrill and JBB then meet John Beilein, tickle the Wolverine, Peppers goes chopped and screwed, and much, much more.  Enjoy...and don't forget the nicknames in the beginnning!

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