Recruitaholics: Team 135 Class Rankings

That's a wrap, folks.  The 2014 Michigan recruiting class has come to a close and although small in size, it's thick in talent.  Highlighted by consensus #2 (national) recruit Jabrill Peppers, Michigan met all their needs at four different positions (QB, WR, OL, and DB).  Director of Scouting over at, Scott Kennedy, breaks down what Michigan is getting in this '14 class:

Kennedy also emphasized that it was about quality and not quantity this go-round for the Michigan Wolverines; And because of this, the overall class rankings for Michigan may be skewed a bit.  Let's start off with Scout who has Michigan ranked just barely inside the top 25 at #24.  Let's put this in perspective though: Michigan is just one of five teams in the top 25 with less than 20 commits and is in the top 10 when looking at star average (a better way to rank teams based off the different numbers in classes).

Next up...247Sports.  Michigan cracks the top 20 here, sitting at #17 with 233.54 points, ranking them second in the B1G.  Other than Clemson, Michigan is the lone member of the under-20-commits who ranked in the top 17.  Looking at the each commits average rankings, Michigan would be sitting at ninth overall.  Seeing a trend here yet??

Now on to ESPN, who has the Wolverines ranked higher than any other site at #12.  The sports powerhouse doesn't have any star average or any individual prospect rankings, so #12 is #12.  But something interesting to look at is how the ten teams below Michigan all have much bigger classes, yet couldn't surpass the Wolverines in the rankings.  I can't preach this enough...this '14 class was all about quality and not quantity.  Hoke and co. just didn't have the room to bring in 22-25 recruits.

I'll finish with Rivals, who has Michigan out of the top 25 at #29, it' lowest ranking of the four major recruiting sites. Here's some perspective one last time:  If the classes were based off of average-star rankings, Michigan would shoot up 14 spots, coming in at #15.  This is what eliminates the skewness I discussed above regarding large and small classes.  And it's no coincidence that taking the average recruit rankings/star rankings, improves Michigan's class on all sites.

Michigan didn't pull in a top 10 class on all or any of the main recruiting sites, but this (obviously) doesn't mean this class isn't super talented. It still broke the top 30 on every site, after finishing with the smallest (non-probation) class on each list.  That's the most impressive stat and the one we should be looking at here.  Just think...give Michigan 25 recruits in this class, and there's no doubt it's a top 10 class (maybe top five) on all major sites.

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