Throwback Thursday: Michigan vs Michigan State (10/25/97)

"Throwback Thursday" is a new feature for us. Here we will look back at notable games from seasons' past that may or may not be relevant to what's going on today. Why are we doing this? Nostalgia for one…but mainly because it's the offseason.

I'm sure by this point, most of you are aware of YouTube, and more specifically WolverineHistorian who does a wonderful job editing down and cataloging these great games. Along with his video, I will also offer my perspective on why this game is worthy of being featured on this site.

For this week, we look back at Michigan's perfect 1997 season and the midseason matchup between the #5 Wolverines and the #15 Michigan State Spartans. As we all know, Michigan will be hosting Michigan State in hoops this Sunday at Crisler in a huge matchup that will likely determine who will have a major edge for the B1G regular season title.

This football matchup from 97 was quite similar in scope. Michigan entered this game 6-0, while Michigan State was coming off a last second loss to Northwestern the week before, but sat at 5-1 – their best start since 1966, and well in the mix for the Big Ten title.

Michigan's pass defense rolled in this game. Marcus Ray snagged 2 of Michigan's 6 INTs, as did Charles Woodson…who's first pick was a spectacular 1-handed leap that really jump started his Heisman campaign and provided one of the signature moments of this championship season.

It's a two-parter, enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

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