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This Week's Dose: Panic Button Deliberation and Sayonara Suckas

Panic Button Deliberation
If you haven't seen the tweet that took the college football recruiting world by storm yesterday, in for a not-tasting-so-good treat.  Jabrill Peppers...

Ok before we freak out (as I just did), let's give Peppers a chance to explain himself via 247Sports:
"I am still 100% committed to the University of Michigan and that is the place where I want to go to college," Peppers said in a statement issued to 247Sports. "With the rumors about Coach (Brady) Hoke possibly not being there I need to make sure that I have options and have seen other places in case the University of Michigan decides to go in a different direction. For the sake of my future I need to make sure I have other options. No need to look into it any further!"
I believe this statement is nothing but the truth.  Peppers is a very smart kid and Michigan obviously was light years ahead of everyone else -- he practically committed to UM a couple months before he made it official in May -- and he hasn't even hinted at going back on his commitment.  Rumors have been swirling about Hoke's job security and this just shows how smart this kid is. 

Now is this still a little worrisome? Yes absolutely.  If Hoke does go, Peppers is sure to go as well.  Hoke stays and things COULD get crazy.  He was very close with (sorry once again) Da'Shawn Hand and now that he is at Alabama, Peppers may be intrigued by his decision.  Rival's Mike Farrell elaborates more:

So the competition seems to be the same as before (PSU and Stanford), but now UCLA and Alabama seem to be in the mix for a visit.  I can't see Peppers giving Stanford another chance after what David Shaw, Stanford's head man, said regarding Peppers not picking the Cardinals, but like Farrell said, Peppers family was pushing for Stanford.  IMO Alabama is going to give Michigan a run for it's money if a visit is made.  But don't sleep on Penn St.  Coach O'Brien has been impressive on the recruiting trail and with the NCAA's new ruling to give back some scholarships, O'Brien could make a big push in this sweepstakes. 

I honestly believe nothing ever comes of this due to Hoke staying put and Peppers is still Michigan's in the end whether these visits are taken or not.  IF they are taken, don't look for Hoke to pull his scholarship, he's got enough problems to worry about.  Heck, he'd probably get fired quicker by pulling Peppers' scholly then if not.  Remember, each situation is different and in this case, Hoke's no visit policy loses a little more credibility; something none of will bat an eye at is Peppers remains committed. 

Sayonara Suckas
MI DE Jhonny Williams has flipped his commitment from Missouri to Notre Dame.  Michigan offered late, but never got much consideration before he pulled the trigger.  Best of luck!

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