Big Ten Preview: Week 11

Technically speaking, of course...

My Picks
Week 10: 4-1
Overall: 62-11

Saturday, November 9th
The up and down season of the Nittany Lions continues with a trip to Minneapolis to take on the upstart Gophers. I think Minnesota's hot streak continues with another big win against a decent opponent. It will be close, but I like a more consistent Gopher team more than a Penn State squad that's been all over the map. Minnesota 24 Penn State 23

IOWA @ PURDUE | 12:00 | BTN
Iowa wins by default. Purdue is awful this year and really has no shot in this game. It's frustrating because no one really knows for sure just how good Iowa really is. Losses to Ohio State and Michigan State lead me to think they're about as good as Michigan or Nebraska...but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. This one against Purdue will tell us nothing. Iowa 34 Purdue 13

Never really expected this game to be among two unranked teams, but regardless, here we are. Nebraska is playing for a win plus glimmer of hope in the very small chance that Michigan State could somehow stumble twice in their next three games. Michigan needs a win and three Michigan State losses. Check back on Friday for our complete preview.

The only way it seems that Illinois will ever beat a B1G team is if they could somehow could play another Illinois. But even then. Indiana 42 Illinois 28

BYU @ #21/22/22 WISCONSIN | 3:30 | ESPN
Only Wisconsin could be playing BYU in the second week of November...they have the wackiest schedule sometimes. The Cougars are actually a pretty competent non-conference opponent...beaten Georgia Tech and Houston...but also lost to Virginia. Wisconsin will run the ball well in this one, because that's just what they do. I think this will be a close game until Wisconsin grind BYU down doing Wisconsin things until there's no numbers left on the clock. Wisconsin 34 BYU 21

Bye: #18/19/19 Michigan State, Northwestern, #4/4/4 Ohio State

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