Big Ten Power Rankings and Bowl Projections - Week 13

"These butts don't run." - SBNation.

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1. Ohio State (10-0, 6-0): They showed some signs of ineptitude against Illinois, but I think that was partially due to just not being adequately prepared to play a junior high team. I doubt Urban lets that happen again. They probably won't lose the rest of the way.

2. Wisconsin (8-2, 5-1): Speaking of not losing the rest of the way, Wisconsin is playing as good if not better than the Buckeyes right now. How they aren't ranked higher than 19th in the BCS standings is a mystery to me.

3. Michigan State (9-1, 6-0): Let's face it, Michigan State is just a good football team. There's no doubt in my mind they're going to win out and give Ohio State all they can handle in Indianapolis. That's going to be a great game to watch. It's just too bad that another loss is going to knock them out of the top 14 in the BCS standings. Such is life for the losers of conference title games.

4. Nebraska (7-3, 4-2): They let the game slip away with all of those turnovers against Michigan State. But even then, it was still a close game. I think the Cornhuskers win out and salvage a New Year's Day bowl.

5. Minnesota (8-2, 4-2): It's been a great run for Jerry Kill's Gophers, but it's time to face reality. These next two weeks will be the toughest tests this 2013 Minnesota team has faced all year. Big game this week against arch-rival Wisconsin. For the first time I can remember, both teams come into this game ranked.

6. Iowa (6-4, 3-3): I don't know how good Iowa is, but I do know they gave Ohio State a good game. They seem to be getting better as the year goes on, but they did get roughed up pretty good against Wisconsin. This week's game against Michigan could vault the Hawkeyes into a potential Gator Bowl spot.

7. Michigan (7-3, 3-3): With Ohio State looming large on the schedule next week, this is Michigan's last real shot at a regular season win. There's all kind of talk about getting to 10 wins, but you can't get there without 8 wins.

9. Penn State (6-4, 3-3): Well, last week's win against Purdue vaulted Penn State into bowl eligibility, but the post-season ban will keep the Nittany Lions home. The Cornhuskers come to Happy Valley this week which could end up being a pretty interesting game. The bowl ban doesn't seem to have any effect on Penn State's players or coaches.

8. Indiana (4-6, 2-4): So yeah, I went on a limb and predicted a Hoosier win against Wisconsin last week. It seemed like a trap game for Wiscy. I assumed the Indiana offense would remember to get out of bed in the morning. They did not.

10. Northwestern (4-6, 0-6): I think we're finding out just how many times a team can get sucker-punched and keep showing up for games each week. Michigan State comes to town this week as Northwestern fans, the one's that are left anyway, brace for impact. With two more wins needed to make a bowl after a rousing 4-0 start to the season, and a favorable home schedule, that's just brutal.

11. Illinois (3-7, 0-6): Gotta hand it to the Illini...when the coaches weren't fighting on the sideline, they gave the Buckeyes a decent game for about 2 quarters. Then suddenly, they remembered they're Illinois, and quickly retreated back to doing Illinois things.

12. Purdue (1-9, 0-6): Illinois, a team with a 20-game Big Ten losing streak, is favored by 7 to beat Purdue, at Purdue. That is all.

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