Michigan State 29, Michigan 6

An absolutely brutal loss. Two weeks to prepare and you get negative 48 yards rushing? I've never said on here that Al Borges should be shown the door, but it's tough to justify that performance. Hat's off to Michigan State and their defense. Men versus boys out there today. They earned their trip to Indy this afternoon.

For Michigan...another year, another disappointment. And yet another road loss in a big game. They're not mathematically eliminated from the Big Ten title game, but really, it's over. Here's hoping for strong finish, but it's going to take a lot more than hope.


  1. As I said over on Maize n Brew..they got totally dominated. No bad calls or bad play, just out played. Two weeks to prepare and cannot adjust to this defense at half? or at all? Mid to long yardage passes seemed to be working, but eventually, Gardner didn't have time to do anything.. there has to be a way to be able to take advantage of such an aggressive defense.. Tough loss..see you in ORD

  2. A complete and total embarrassment! I am still perplexed to see that we seem to be as void of talent on the offensive and defensive lines as we were 3 years ago. The recruiting seems to be there so what's missing? Is the lack of player development? Poor play calling? I expected things to slowly get better, but I almost feel like it's going the opposite way. If you think about it, we won in 2011 with some of the talent left over from the Lloyd Carr era!