Nebraska 17, Michigan 13

I'm not sure what I expected to see yesterday, but I think my expectation was higher than 13 points and -21 yards rushing. When a team plays this bad, it's more than just coaching, it's a combination of many things. As boos rained down multiple times yesterday afternoon in Michigan Stadium, it dawned on me that about 10,000 Michigan-Ohio State tickets were just sold to Buckeye fans on Stubhub. It's going to be 2009 all over again.

Entering this game, the opportunity to play for the B1G title was gone. The OL played awful. The blitz pickup was not good. Tacking was not good. And the play-calling was atrocious. Add in a quarterback who's been battered and beaten the last two games who has zero confidence, and it's no wonder Michigan can't beat a bad Nebraska team. Nebraska gave up the ball twice, and Michigan was only able to get 3 points out of it.

The 19-game home winning streak, a streak that was frankly pretty incredible considering how this team has played over the last two seasons, has now been snapped. Now, a 6-3 team that has really underachieved, must attempt to find a way to at least stay competitive in these last 3 games and salvage a season on the brink of ultimate collapse.

But for 2013 to not be considered an awful season, a turnaround of monumental proportions is needed...but it's not going to happen. This team is playing with zero confidence offensively. This coaching staff seems befuddled as to how to what needs fixing. I can't offer up specific suggestions, but a change in the offensive coaching chain of command is required.

Is this rock bottom? Michigan goes on the road for two weeks and returns home for a matchup against Ohio State on November 30th. Rock bottom is still 3 weeks away.

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  1. To our Michigan Brethren: Things are not always as bad as they somthimes may seem. You have great fan support, a storied program, good coaching, and great athletes. Sometimes in sports, things go in cycles. It's a crazy game. The Cornhuskers have great respect for the Wolverines. Don't give up on this year, yet. Lot's of football yet to be played. Win out and beat the Buckeyes and the sting of the recent setbacks will fade in memory. Wish you all the best in your upcoming games. With respect -- Cornhusker Nation.

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Thanks a lot Dan. Best of luck the rest of the way as well. Beat Sparty!

  3. Fire Funk, fire Borges - immediately. And if we lose 2 out of the upcoming 3, fire Hoke at the end of the year. There's no excuse for this level of coaching ineptitude.