Takin' the Low Road with Kyle Turley

There are bound to be a few people out there who are not going to be happy when a coach leaves a second, or third-tier program to take what was widely known to be their dream job at a traditional powerhouse school . You can take the high road like the SDSU athletic director did and wish your former coach luck in his new endeavor, or you can follow Kyle Turley and take the low road.

First of all, for those who don't know...Kyle Turley is a former player for San Diego State, and was a player in the NFL for the Chiefs, Rams and Saints. He made a name for himself by getting into a fight during a game, and throwing a Jets players' helmet across the field (picture above, video below).

He currently lives in Nashville where he focuses on his music career. He considers his music genre to be called "power country".

His debut album is entitled "Anger Management", clearly realizing there might be a problem. But his text message to Hoke would suggest a little more anger management might be needed.
"I understand what you gotta do for you and yours. But just the same, f_ck you and f_ck Michigan. Go Aztecs. I hope you lose every damn game. That was a bull-sh_t move, brother, and you know it."
Anyway, Kyle called into 1090AM in San Diego yesterday to let their listeners know just how upset he was at Hoke for leaving SDSU.

I'm not even sure where to start with this. Lane Kiffin? Really? That's the biggest comparison you can make?

San Diego State has never been the kind of program where coaches go to retire. It's a bridge school. You go there so you can improve your stock, beat some weak conference teams, and then move on. USC and UCLA have way more draw than San Diego State has ever had and will ever have. It's not a reflection of the coaching staff or University, it's just the way it is.

Look, I was at Bowling Green when Urban Meyer left to coach at Utah. Urban was a very popular coach at BGSU, probably the most popular to ever coach in the MAC. But as much as people were disappointed when he left, you knew that BGSU and schools like it are not where truly gifted coaches go to retire. You're simply just a resume builder. Sure it's great while they're there, but you have to know that it's only temporary.

Sure, San Diego is a nice place. Sunshine, warm, Mexicans, meth labs, drug trafficking, all that crap. But you simply can not compare San Diego State to Michigan. I'm biased, of course. But just look at the fan-bases. Michigan, even during it's down stretch, fills it's stadium with 113,000 people every weekend. San Diego State, against Utah in one of their biggest home games of the year, just topped 34,000 fans (Qualcomm holds 71,000).

This is not a slight against Hoke. But San Diego State is just not a football school. It's not a football culture. Michigan bleeds football. And so does Brady Hoke.

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  1. Brady Hoke bleeds cake batter. Hes a scammer.