Michigan Fan Factions and Mike Hart on WDFN

There's no doubt, there have been factions created in and around the Michigan football world over the last 3 years. There were probably factions around the program prior to that, but I don't think the Lloyd Carr administration ignited those factions as much as the Rodriguez administration did.

Like him or not, Rich Rodriguez, the hire of Rich and his lack of immediate success poured gasoline on any sort of discontent that existed just under the surface before he got there, and after he was hired. He wasn't a "Michigan Man". He was an outsider, thrown into a situation that almost no one could have been successful in. As it turned out, Rich was the lightening rod that everyone could now point to as public enemy #1.

Fair or not, that's ultimately how Rich Rod's legacy will be remembered. I truly hope that he can find himself a perfect coaching job and a school that will embrace who Rich Rodriguez is and what he represents. He is a good coach, he is a good man, and deserves a chance at greatness. I will be rooting for Rich Rod no matter where he takes his talents.

Michigan blogs MVictors and Hoover Street Rag decided to team up and dissect the various sects of Michigan fans, and peer into the dark inky shadows of the vaunted Michigan factions and clans. It's truly worth a click. You won't be disappointed.

Speaking of not being disappointed, you might also enjoy this little clip of Mike Hart calling into WDFN this morning and talking to Matt Sheppard. He talks about the NFL, his thoughts on Rich Rod (both past and present), Brady Hoke and the challenges of coaching at Michigan.

Click here for MP3.

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