Not So Fast My Friend

Yeah...about that whole firing Rodriguez thing.

Looks like Fox 2 Detroit might have jumped the gun a bit on this. UM is now denying reports that Rich Rodriguez has been fired.

According to Rivals, no decision will come down today about the fate of Rodriguez, and the team meeting originally scheduled for 7PM tonight will now take place at 4PM tomorrow.

This is the extent of what we know for sure.

Clearly something strange is going on here. There is a lot of hearsay and misinformation going on out there right now. Tough to tell the reasons for a possible delay in a decision or an announcement. Could Harbaugh still be in the mix? Is a late change of heart by Harbaugh to opt for the NFL thrown a wrench into Dave Brandon's process? We don't know anything for sure. We'll keep efforting the best and most reliable information we can.

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